Repainting an Old Fire Pit

Repainting an Old Fire Pit

How to Restore an Old Fire Pit

Countless hours have been spent gathered around the fire pit, under starlit skies, roasting marshmallows and making memories.

firepit beach

Our poor fire pit sure has seen better days and was in desperate need of some TLC.

When a new pit is not in the budget, try to revamp the old.

Rusted Firepit Before

Take a strong wire brush and give the fire pit a good scrubbing, removing all rust flakes and powder.

Scrub with wire brush (800x533)  Rusted Firepit Backside (800x533)

Below is how the front and back of the fire pit looked after scrubbing off the rust and washing it all well with the hose.

Frontside after scrubbing (800x533)

Backside after scrubbing (800x533)

Rust-oleum makes this specialty paint for high heat. Make sure to read all directions on the back of the can.

The paint dried fast and coated well, which made this a fast and easy project.

High Heat Paint (522x800)

The front and backside, base and cover, were all spayed with the high heat paint and allowed to dry.

Frontside repainted (800x533)

Backside Repainted (800x533)

Huge improvement! The fire pit looks almost as good as when we bought it!

Firepit Repainted (800x533)

A wire brush, elbow grease, and a can of spray paint is all it took to breathe new life back into an old fire pit!

S’mores anyone?


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  1. Looks good! I used the paint on variety of that type of paint for my brass fireplace surround…it works really well! I need a fire pit- we don’t have one since the backyard is kinda the bottom of the list for improvements lol 😉
    enjoy your ‘new’ fire pit!! 🙂
    @ Creative Kristi

  2. wow that looks awesome! i didn’t even know you could paint a fire pit. great idea! 🙂

  3. It came out great!!

  4. Mmmmm, smores. My favourite…. 🙂

  5. I have one just like yours and it could sure use a good paint job. We love sitting around and roasting marshmellows and hot dogs. So fun.

  6. Yes please! I LOVE me some s’mores!

    (And your fire pit re-do too!)


  7. Thanks for sharing that is fantastic to know! We have a large outdoor kitchen project going on right;)

  8. Wow, what a great idea! It turned out awesome!

  9. Wow! Who knew a firepit could once again look like new?? BTW…have you ever tried peanut butter on your smores? It’ll take you to a whole new level of heavenly smoreness 🙂

  10. Hey Kim…looks like new! I’ll take two marshmallows please!

  11. Wow! It looks brand new now & ready for spring.


  12. THANK YOU for this! So ironic…Handsome dug a very cool fire pit out of someone’s trash (I think I am rubbing off on him…hehehe) and it is very rusted out and needs to be painted. I asked this weekend, “I wonder if there is a high-heat spray paint we can blast that thing with.” And enter your blog…this is so on our list for this weekend!
    Thanks again for the info!

  13. That turned out awesome! What a great revamp idea! 🙂

  14. You guys did a fab job – great clear pictures on how to repair the fire pit! I will have to do a video on the process soon on my site.Publisher,

  15. I would like an update on how it worked after you were done….Rust-Oleum does not recommend using this paint on direct exposure flames!

  16. Just started redo on mine! How long before it rusted again? How long did you wait to use after painting? Did your can drip?! Mine had paint dripping out the spray nozzle!! Made me mad LOL Great job and Thank you for this post!

  17. I can’t wait to do this to my fire pit! It has been neglected lately, but we are in the middle or a back porch remodel. It will be great to have a “new” fire pit!

  18. Lee-Ann says:

    Thank you so very much !!!
    My fire pit is also very well loved/worn and needs this tlc.

  19. So, how is the paint doing now, this season?

    • Hi Brian!
      If you noticed, this post was originally posted back in 2011. That fire pit survived an additional 18 months with regular use. So needless to say, the little bit of effort to help prolong the use of the fire pit paid off!

  20. Nathan Hearne says:

    Looks like I got the same one and will have to do the same thing. We use it a lot and love it.

  21. Hi Kim, just took a look at the fire pit yesterday and wondered how I could make it better. This morning I read this post. Thanks. I even have a can of the paint. Funny how things work out.


  22. I’m so happy I stumbled upon this today! I have a lovely metal fire pit that was covered in rust – I was ready to retire it to a planter! This helped to breathe some new life into it! Thanks!!!