How to Decorate a Thanksgiving Mantel Around Your Huge TV!

How to Decorate a Thanksgiving Mantel Around Your Huge TV!
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There’s no ignoring the ginormous black box perched above of our mantels. It’s comforting to know I’m not alone in my disdain for the placement of TV’s above fireplaces. But I do love my TV. I have pleaded to have the monstrosity moved to another location but to no avail. Nevertheless, I was determined to have my cake and eat it too mantel and decorate it too! I’ll show you how to decorate a mantel around your huge TV… and love it!

Thanksgiving Mantel with TV

1.) Use scenery Blu-ray videos.

Do an internet search for “scenery Blu-ray” and a multitude of options appear for you to choose from. Most are choreographed to beautiful classical music, and the photography is stunning. There are also videos for every holiday available. These videos are especially nice during dinner parties.

Decorating a mantel with a TV (1024x762)

2.) Use side displays to create balance and symmetry.

Because the TV is centered over the fireplace, there is little space on either side of it, if any. Draw attention outward by using those spaces for two similar displays. They don’t have to be the same, but should carry the same visual weight. The human mind finds groupings of 3 visually pleasing, along with symmetry and balance. The eye likes “visual triangles”.  Can you locate the 5 visual triangles in the picture below?

Thanksgiving mantel with TV (1024x657)

Thanksgiving mantel display grouping

3.) Bring the focus downward using garland.

Garland is no longer just reserved for Christmas time! There are garlands for every season and holiday of the year. These beautifully beaded Indian Corn garland can be found at Home Goods.

Indian Corn Garland (1024x775)

Indian Corn (1024x849)

4.) Decorate the hearth.

Pull up a chair along side the hearth for a cozy sitting area and add decorative items. These items should be grouped in odd numbers also, but should be larger items you might have around the home. A large vase or urn, grouped with smaller objects is a good choice. Of course keep things far enough way from the heat. Also, pile a few logs on the hearth arranged in a basket, even if you have a gas fireplace! I think it helps give the fireplace a more realistic appearance.

Zebra chair with TV above fireplace (649x1024)

The zebra chair was another one of my favorite purchases. I love it! And the little turkey made of straw and reeds was from Target last year.

hearth display (855x1024)

Hearth & fireplace with corn garland (683x1024)

With these 4 tips I hope you won’t have to battle the big screen above your mantel, but embrace it! Well, at least make it look the best it can AND keep the peace with remote-controller (spouse) in your family!

If this helped, let me know! I love to hear from you all!


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  1. What a cool idea! I would have never thought of using the TV in decor!

  2. I love this!! Your mantel is beautiful!!

  3. Kim, it’s so charming!! I love that indian corn garland.

  4. You have some great ideas…I don’t have a TV above the mantel…yet, but I’ll remember these in case. Love that little turkey!


  5. Fortunately I don’t have this problem but these are great tips!!

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting

  6. Love these tips!!! My dad always turns on the channel of the burning fireplace at Christmas time, ha ha! I’m sure the blu ray ones would be a slight improvement!
    Love the garland and your little one chilling in the reflection of the fireplace. 🙂

  7. Well my self esteem rose a little bit as my mantel is VERY similar to yours!! I too have a chair (with blanket across), pumpkins & fall leaves here & there. Instead of the corn garland, I have a fall leaf one. I WAS getting a little mantel envy from all the TV=less mantels, & all their boo-ya decorations, but I LOVE having the TV on the wall & not taking up space on a shelf or the floor so would much rather a simpler mantel:)

  8. Kim Kim Kim. This is THE best post I’ve come across this week; my gratitude is enormous! The tv over the mantle thing drives me less crazy now and you’ve given me some wonderful ideas. I’m a pretty new reader; can’t wait to explore the depths of your blog even further. Oh, and the chandy explanation; perfect timing because we’ll be hanging one asap and I didn’t have a clue where to hang it! Have a SUPER weekend!

  9. What a genius idea – absolutely love your mantel!!!

  10. love it Kim! I’m going to ck out the scenery videos!!! xo


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