Painting with Chalk Paint

Painting with Chalk Paint

I have a few confessions to make… I have been envious of some of my big-bloggy-girlfriends for a few years now. They’ve all had amazing opportunities to work with and try out ASCP (otherwise known as Annie Sloan Chalk Paint). Even though I live in a community of 1.7 million, we are not blessed to have an ASCP stockist in our area. My recent trip to the Haven Conference provided the chance the meet with the ASCP people! They were knowledgeable, inviting women who also had amazing giveaways for us! I won a prize package of paint, a brush, and wax. I screamed so loud with glee when I won that I know I shocked a few bloggers (my apologies ladies). Yes, chalk paint and power tools are close seconds to diamonds for me (hint-hint darlin’)!  I’ve never used chalk paint before, so come along on this painting journey with me. Today, for the first time I’ll be Painting with Chalk Paint!

Painting with Chalk Paint by Sand & Sisal

Every one who attended Haven received a little 4 oz. pot of chalk paint. My prize package was a full quart in the color Provence, the clear wax, and a brush, but this sample pot was the beautiful Duck Egg Blue. The Duck Egg Blue is very close to Benjamin Moore’s Atmospheric which I’ve used on the walls of my playroom and boys’ beach themed bathroom.

chalk paint

I have several cheap side tables we bought 20 years ago that needed TLC. One of them resides in my dining room. Now this is kind of embarrassing, but look, everyone thinks home bloggers live in homes that look like magazines…. um…. no. Trust me, we can make our home look magazine perfect for about 5 minutes for a photo shoot, but hey, we all have kids and crazy lives and frankly, are messy people at times. I’ve showed you a glimpse of my chaos before at the end of my Laundry Room Makeover post.

Hence, exhibit A (pictured below). This is how my formal dining room side table looks right now. I use the room as my blog-office. Yes, I think the room speaks for itself. You’ll find craft supplies from campaigns I did in April, amaryllis and ornaments (hiding behind the junk) from Christmas, random décor items (because I can’t find a place to store them), stacks and stacks of business receipts and papers I need to file. Oh my….

I might need an intervention…

Regardless, that little console table hiding under the junk is what I chose to paint.

My Mess

Do you hear him? He just screamed “thank you for freeing me!”. Poor guy. He’s about to get a gorgeous makeover. Yes, I’m painting in my foyer… it’s hot out people! Like 105 degrees hot.

chalk paint

Using the large brush I received, I painted the entire table with the 4 oz. pot of chalk paint. I brushed it on quickly, in long stokes, in the direction of the wood grain. The chalk paint dries to a very chalky, matte finish and you will see the brush strokes. Like I said before, this is unlike any paint I’ve ever used. It dried crazy fast, yet is very accepting to new coats of paint. The biggest bonus is that you do not need to prime or sand before painting with chalk paint! I love that feature!

painting with chalk paint

I wanted to add depth and interest to the paint, so I decided to add a bit of brown glaze to the edges and a bit to the surface. I already had brown glaze on hand which I had used when I painted my cabinets & bathroom mirror. I bunched up cheesecloth and dipped it in the glaze then dabbed it on a paper plate. With feather light strokes, I brushed the cheesecloth along the edges and surface of the table. I pressed a bit harder along the edges. The chalk paint absorbs the stain immediately so that is why I stress using a feather light touch. The glaze will automatically settle along your brush strokes. Seriously, this part you must not overthink, just let go and focus on edges, corner, nooks, and crannies. Stroke in the direction of the wood grain. Where it goes, it goes. Que sera, sera (whatever will be, will be).

glazing furniture

The next step was sanding. I took a sanding block made for sanding between paint layers. It’s a very fine grit. I sanded the entire table. The areas where the stain looked a bit to harsh, melted away with sanding and the whole table started to take on a bit of a sheen. Chalk paint is made for sanding and distressing!

Look at this picture below. It shows what the table looked like when I first added the glaze (left pic.), then after it was sanded (middle pic.), and finally after it was waxed (right pic.). Oh, don’t even get me started on this wax… (sigh)… ok, let’s talk about it.

chalk paint

I’ve heard the ravings about the Annie Sloan Wax. It’s like butter! It seriously has the consistency of Crisco, just not greasy. It smooths on beautifully with cheesecloth or a brush and then you wipe it off with a soft cloth in a circular buffing motion and wow-o-wow!

Annie sloan soft wax

Just look at the instant depth of color that is brought out the second the wax is applied! I was getting giddy at this point! And the fact that I was waxing this table in less than one hour after painting was freaking amazing!

Painting with chalk paint ASCP wax

Didn’t it turn out beautiful?

Painting with Chalk Paint

The chalk paint table now resides in my foyer. The glass float summer wreath is perched happily above it along with my new coral lamp.

Chalk Paint table

Isn’t this little sea urchin vase from Target just beautiful filled with white crepe myrtles?

White Crepe myrtle

You can see how the stain and wax bring out the brush strokes of the chalk paint. If you love a painterly look to furniture, then chalk paint is a good choice for you.

chalk Paint starfish

When friends and family enter my home this is what they will pleasantly be greeted with! It’s a relaxed coastal environment (we’ll just steer them clear of the dining room… shhhhhhhhhh).

painting with chalk paint

I now see why everyone loves chalk paint. It provides amazing coverage and style in the fastest amount of time with little to no prep! Tell me what you think about Painting with Chalk Paint! Think you’ll give it a try?

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  1. Kim, that looks so good. Oh, how I love chalk paint. I use it for all my furniture or miscellaneous projects.

    • Thank you Kim! I will be excited to use it again soon!

    • CHANDRA PEAVEY says:

      Hi! That looks great! But I thought that chalk paint was the one where you can write on it with chalk? I had a friend that painted a wall with it so she could write the house rules for all to see! Is it the same kind of paint or is it a different kind? Thanks

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love it! I never would have thought that the wax would have brought out such depth of color. Does ASCP have a protective coat ….like what ypu would use on a kitchen table or foes the wax do that job? Also what brand & color glaze did you use? Your creativity speaks to me & helps me when I’m stumped. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you! I was really surprised too how the color was instantaneously enhanced with the wax. It reminded me of my kids’ sidewalk chalk and how the chalk looks when it gets wet… deep, rich color. 🙂

      The back of the wax container says it creates a water repellent finish and is fine for cabinets and table tops. It recommends using 2 coats of wax for those items.

      The glaze was espresso brown. I give the link to it in the post. Any brown glaze will work fine.

  3. Kim, your looks terrific. I have never gone wrong with ASCP !

  4. Kim,
    I love the paint finish (need to try that) and the way you styled the space.Very nice– by the way, the DIY gallery is a wonderful way to showcase so many ideas (and loose track of time)!!

  5. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the 3 different looks , with wax is definitely the prettiest and would be my choice but with glaze was a favorite too.

  6. Ok, ok, you’ve convinced me. Although I truly stay away from painting furniture. #somanyissues But this is beautiful, Kim! Thanks for sharing the process pics too. Amazing what that wax does.

    I just found a stockist fairly local too. Goodness, if this works, watch out world!

    • I’m the same way Colleen, having to prime & sand is so time consuming, but very necessary for most other paints. This was so easy and turned out amazing results in no time flat. You’ll love it!

  7. Very pretty. Its funny, because I am also going to try ASCP today on a small project. I had to drive 90-minutes each way to get some paint. Ugh I am going to order some Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint b/c they ship it since it is in powder form. I tried it at Haven and liked it too. Love the Duck Egg Blue, that is the color I got also. It turned out great! And you are soooooo right – if you could see my house right now. Oh my!

    • I hear ya! Our nearest stockist is hours away. I’ll have to try Marian’s paint, I’ve never worked with milk paint before either. (And thanks for relating on my mess… Messy bloggers unite!) 😉

  8. I hope you guys get some reprieve from the heat soon! I have had ASCP in my cabinet for over a year, and have yet to try it. This was a motivator for sure! I only have the dark wax though, don’t know why I choose that one rather than the clear…what a great tutorial and table you did, love it.

    • I’d love to try the dark wax. I’m told that instead of using glaze like I did, you can just use the dark wax in key spots after using the clear wax. Thank you!

  9. You KNOW I liked it 😉 Love the color. In fact, I liked it so much, I pinned it twice. Love the styling. So, so pretty! I just tried some CeCe Caldwell paint. I love that it had no odor.

    And what are you talking about? You know our homes are always perfect.
    {wink wink}

    • Pinned it twice? Wow thanks Shannon! I’m unfamiliar with the CeCe Caldwell paint. Is that a milk or chalk paint? I’ll have to look into that one! THANK YOU!

  10. What a pretty, pretty table!! I LOVE the color… and the coastal decoration is totally me!!! Great job, Kim!!

  11. So here’s a little story for ya: I have a bajillion things on my To Paint list right now including lots of laminate. So I went to buy some ASCP but the colors they had weren’t right. I love the duck egg and Provence but my aqua is much more seafoamy. So I ended up making my own chalk paint (essentially mixing in plaster of paris.) I painted it on my kitchen island and I think it had similar results. But I DID buy the AS clear wax and put one coat over the island. The results: The paint has not chipped off and has stuck but I think that it really needs the wax to ensure that! Next project is some laminate bookcases which I’m going to do the same thing to and I’ll have to let you know how it turns out. Some day I will paint something with the actual ASCP but for now this homemade chalk paint has worked pretty well. I’d love to compare the two.

    • I won a quart of Provence at Haven, but I think it will only work in my girls’ rooms… it’s beautiful but bold. I’ve never tried to make my own, maybe one day I will! Thanks for the great insight and tips Heidi!

    • Cheri Early says:

      Excuse me ladies… I’m an ol’ outsider, who has never blogged or used ASCP, jumping in here with a question regarding using plaster of paris to create your own chalk paint. I love the thought of not having to do prep work, and have lots of wall paints to used up (I’m a WWII “waste-not-want-not” baby). How much plaster of paris do you add to regular wall paint? Since I’ve never used the ASCP, I know nothing about its consistency, how it flows, or how it dries. Any hints?
      Has anyone ever used Minwax clear or dark wax in place of AS specialty wax products?

  12. It looks beautiful!

  13. Hi Kim! Love, love, love, your console table! Thanks for keeping it real…my husband says when I am taking photos of projects, “If they could only see what the house looks like on THIS side of the camera!” Thanks for sharing your painting tips.

  14. excellent!!

  15. Hi Kim! I love the table AND everything on it! Beautiful!!

  16. That looks gorgeous!! I still haven’t tried out my ASCP from Haven because I just can’t decide what I want to use it on! You’re such a lucky duck winning that basket! I just have the little 4 oz. pot that was in the swag bag and mine is like a cream color! And I had to giggle at the shot of the dining room b/c I have the same Martha Stewart bag of goodies still sitting on my bedroom floor! Virtual high-5 for messy bloggers!!

    • LOL!! It was a TON of awesome product from the MS/Plaid peeps wasn’t it?! I need to build a new craftroom just to store it all in! Thank you!

  17. Love your table….it would look wonderful with the piece I did the first time I tried ASCP. Love Duck Egg!

  18. Hi Kim,

    I actually just got some ASCP 3 days ago and opened it up tonight. I like how it goes on and you are right, it dries quick!

    Your table came out some nicely, what a pretty summer look 🙂

    Sorry we didn’t get to talk more at Haven, maybe next year, hope you had fun there!

    • Thank you Jessica! Yes, I had a great time at Haven. Next year we’ll have to make sure we get a chance to connect again!

  19. This may seem like a silly question, but does the wax dry completely and become hard like a polyurethane finish would do? When you described it as crisco, I just keep thinking of touching it and it leaving a little residue on my fingers haha.

    • Haha! The wax looks like crisco and is as smooth and soft as crisco, but it is not greasy at all and it dries rather quick. So by the time you are done smoothing on wax on a table leg, you are ready to buff it out. I had asked them at the conference if you had to wait an hour or more for it to dry and they said, “Oh no, wipe it off almost immediately”. Wax on.. Wax off. 😉

      And yes, it becomes hard like a poly does. Use two coats of wax for kitchen table tops or surfaces that will be in contact with water.

  20. It looks beautiful Kim! I’ve only dreamed of using chalk paint but did find a local shop with “the goods” so I am hoping to dive in sometime soon {I have my old hope chest begging for some TLC}. Love the vignette you put together … very serene coastal feel … lovely.

  21. Kim, I love your table. I have also heard good thing about ASCP. I will have to try soon!

  22. Wow Kim, this looks beautiful! I am so jealous, your home’s decor is fantastic & everything I want mine to be. LOL. 😉 I’ve yet to try ASCP but you make it look so easy….I’m thinking there might be a side table in my home in need of some TLC. 😀

  23. Kim I love it!!! I think we are about to put our home up for sale and start over on a new one and ohh the plans I’m starting to make! This is fantastic! But I love your wall color above just as much! What is it??

  24. I love the table and everything on it, above it and under it! You did a great job!

  25. OK, thanks a lot. I stumbled upon your blog this morning because of this post and now, two hours have gone by. Can’t decide what to do first… sisal on lampshade, go find some chalk paint, paint my bathroom cabinets…
    I love your blog! I love your style and your projects and I am your newest follower.

  26. Your table came out great! Love the duck egg blue, and the brown glaze really gives the table some depth. And wow, the was really brings the colour to life! Your vignette with your “new” blue table is a wonderful welcome to your home 🙂

  27. LOVE your table, Kim! It looks perfect in that space too. I have never tried the chalk paint but I have the sample pot that was in our swag bag from Haven – now to find something to try it on. 🙂

    Also I totally LOVE your beachy decorations! We are headed to the beach next week and I already told my husband I am bringing an emtpy tote bag for all the beach items I plan to bring back to decorate with! LOL. Yes, some gallon ziploc bags are going in my beach tote and will be going home with me filled with gorgeous white FL gulf sand 🙂 Would love to find a piece of driftwood but I doubt that will happen.

    Adding your wreath to my “want to make list” too. Don’t think I have any clear ornaments in my stash but I just might?? If so I am totally making those glass floats and making that wreath! 🙂

  28. Hmmm…maybe I should try ASCP paint too… =O/

  29. The table was meant for that spot with the color on the wall behind it. Your wreath really connects well with the table color, and the little vignette is such a welcoming sight. No ASCP for me right now. They don’t sell it here. 🙁

  30. Thank you for posting pictures before/after using the wax. These pictures helped me visualize and understand the importance of buying some wax. Also, great tip about using a cheese cloth- thank you so much!

  31. Hey Kim!!

    Thanks so much for your great tutorial! I’m using my ASCP from Haven on my dining room chairs, and the project begins tomorrow!! EEK! I’m thrilled to read your post because I now feel excited…not intimated…to start. Thank you! 🙂

  32. Kim, I am new to your blog….but I love it! 🙂

    Do you mind me asking how long you’ve had that console table, and where you got it? Or did you make it?

    That is the exact style of console table that I have been looking for and haven’t found one yet.

    • Thank you so much Kesha! Welcome to Sand & Sisal. The table was purchase at The Bombay Company 20 years ago!! I’m not sure that store is even around anymore. I’m sorry. 😉

    • I remember The Bombay Company – very nice store! But I’m not sure if it exists anymore either. 🙂
      Thanks for sharing the info!!

  33. Ok, I ‘m little late on this read. I just saw over at Thrifty Decor and I’m like, is that Kim’s table? WTH , how did I miss that? Then I realized, I was on vaca avoiding all blogs and the computer 🙂 hehe. VERY VERY PRETTY. I have that color and love it . Is it still looking that clean and fab a month later !? ha . Nicely done.

  34. says:

    Beautiful!!! Will be using chalk paint soon…for the forst time! Great job!!

  35. I just stumbled on this post, Kim, and it’s so timely! I’m tackling a secretary with chalk paint this weekend, and wanted to add some depth without going the whole dark wax route (I’m scared of the dark wax, honestly!)… your stain is the perfect solution! Can’t wait to try it out…thanks for sharing!
    Heidi 🙂

  36. Wow!I can’t believe the difference that the wax makes! I just bought some Annie Sloan paint in Provence today for my kitchen table. Thanks for the tutorial!

    • Thanks Tricia! I’ve yet to try out the can of Provence I won. It’s a bold & beautiful color and I’m not sure where or what to paint with it. Good luck on your table.;)

  37. This is wonderful! You have inspired me to try the chalk paint! You did a beautiful job! I also love it waxed! 🙂

  38. Hey Kim! I have spent most of the morning on your site (SO ADDICTING!!!) and was wondering what paint colors are on your foyer walls behind this gorgeous table?

  39. The table looks great. We used the Provence and loved it! Here’s a link to our hutch that my husband repainted and it is amazing!
    Marty@Marty’s Musings

  40. Oh i love it! Yes, it turned out beautifully! I have some DIY stuff to do, i might try using chalkpaint. Thanks for the idea!

  41. Hi Kim, I was part of the ladies from Annie Sloan Unfolded at Haven! So pleased to see your post, your project, and your pretty pictures. We always love to hear and see “the rest of the story” after the winner goes home with their Annie Sloan goodies!

    Debbie, Marketing Director

  42. Just stumbled onto this blog this morning and I am loving it. Have a guest bedroom torn apart and ready to start a beach theme in there so finding your blog today was perfect. Have never used chalk paint before, so my first project is going to be a dresser/tv hutch. It is currently painted gloss white oil based paint–and I was planning to do the labor intensive sanding to get the gloss down–would I REALLY not have to sand before chalk paint. If that is true–I am headed for Home Depot promptly. Lovin your site! Kay

  43. You can skip the glaze and achieve the same effect with Annie Sloan dark wax, AFTER your application of clear wax.

  44. Hi! Love this makeover and I can’t wait to use ASCP…but on an unrelated note, what color are the yellowish walls in your foyer?? I love it!

  45. are you saying that the wax acts like polyurethane – that I won’t get water rings on my kitchen table?

    • Hi Rod! It does act like poly, but not as good as poly would. Here is a recommendation from ASCP about this issue:

      Q. I placed a water glass on my new finish and it left a mark. How do I repair this?
      A. Annie Sloan Soft Wax offers water resistance but it is not waterproof. Spills should be wiped up as soon as possible. If spills remain on the surface, the moisture can penetrate through the wax coating and leave a mark. These marks should disappear as the moisture evaporates, but if not you can use a bit of Soft Wax on a soft cloth to rub it out.

  46. I love using Annie Sloan chalk paint — BUT, I never see anyone address the magnitude of dust that is created when sanding (even lightly). I love your table but notice you did this in your home. How do you clean up the dust it creates? Regular vacuum? Shop Vac? Thanks!

    • Hi Carla,
      When I sand a piece I use a superfine grit sanding block, one that is made to sand between layers of latex paint. I also sand a small section at a time (like a 1×1 ft area) and then immediately wipe it with a damp towel or damp old t-shirt to remove any dust. I work over a painting tarp too, so I just shake it out (outdoors of course) when I’m finished. To be honest, I’ve never really had an issue with extreme amounts of dust, maybe because I clean up as I go? Now, I do know that ASCP does not recommend sanding before waxing (I learned that much later, after I had written this post). They advise everyone to wax first, then sand and distress (if desired), and then wax again. That method greatly reduces an sanding dust. Hope that helps!

  47. Wow, that looks amazing. We’re stockist of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the UK and it is so easy to use and very versatile, we recently dyed our curtains – yes fabric!! Happy we can across your page 🙂

  48. Can you use the ASCP without buying those expensive lil paint brushes? What other brush could you use?

  49. Can you post the steps for making that wreath? I love it!

  50. Carole Simko says:

    I love the effect of chalk paint. I want to re-purpose a car tire and turn it into a tire swing filled with overflowing silk flowers in the bottom. The finished tire will be permanently hung outdoors, so it will be exposed to Pennsylvania weather. Do you think I could use chalk paint to create a distressed effect on the outer surface of the tire? If not, do you have any ideas on how to achieve a distressed look on a tire? Thanks for any advice you may be able to provide!

    • Hi Carole! I love that idea! My friend Roshel from DIY Show Off blog did that but used spray paint. I can’t say that I’ve tried chalk paint on rubber but I don’t see why not. When you use chalk paint outdoors you do not use the wax, because the wax will just melt off in the sun. To achieve a distressed look, use a dry brush technique on the tire.

  51. What kind of glaze did you use??


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