Privacy Screen

Privacy Screen
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Our deck is one of our favorite outdoor spaces to spend time on. Because of our mild temperatures here in the south, we can eat outdoors three out of four seasons a year. The deck was big and beautiful but we hand one problem, privacy. Living on a corner lot exposed the side of our deck to the street and the western setting sun. As much as I love my neighbors I really didn’t like the feeling of being so exposed. Oh look, the Wilson’s are having dinner again on the deck. Fine, call me paranoid, I just like my privacy! We came up with a simple solution to the problem and built a privacy screen. I’m going to show you how to make one too!

How to build a privacy screen

The picture below shows what our deck looked like before without the privacy screen on the far side of the deck. Click to read How to Create an Outdoor Living Space in 5 Easy Steps. See how I can easily wave to anyone on the street from the deck? Let’s build a privacy screen asap.


Material you will need to build a privacy screen:

pressure treated 2×4’s

2 and 3 inch deck screws

vinyl or wood lattice

cove molding

brad nailer

You can make your screen any size you choose, just be sure your height is lower than your width. Our privacy screen is approximately 4.5’x5’. You will cut your 2×4’s to form a frame. We chose to extend the left side of the frame all the way to the deck floor for extra stability, but really it is not overly necessary.

Step 1: Make sure your top board (the top yellow line in the drawing below) is covering the top of the side boards. This will prevent water from entering the end cuts of your side boards. Make sure your bottom board is between your side boards. Use 2 inch deck screws to fasten the frame together.

How to build a privacy screen

Step 2: Measure the interior of your frame and cut your trellis to that measurement.

Step 3: Measure and cut the cove molding, creating mitered corners like a picture frame. You will do this twice. You will have a cove molding frame in the front and a cove molding frame on the backside of the privacy screen. Secure one of the cove molding frames to the 2×4 frame with brad nails.

lattice frame close-up

Step 4: Place your cut lattice against the cove molding frame and now press your 2nd cove molding frame snug against the back side of the lattice and nail into place. See in the picture below how the two cove molding frames have formed a channel for the lattice? It holds the lattice securely in place.

Privacy Trellis

Step 5: Place your privacy screen on top of your flat deck railing and secure it to the deck railing with 3 inch deck screws. Place your screws at every 6 inches. Make sure it feels secure and add more screws if needed.

climbing mandivilla on lattice

Step 6: Stain your privacy screen to match your existing deck, plant a climbing vine near it and enjoy your newly built privacy screen!


Privacy Screen


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  1. That is a nice privacy screen. Love the vine climbing it. Our deck is already private from the neighbors due to the woods on one side and the sunroom blocks the other side. Our deck is too hot to enjoy in the summer though.

    • That nice Kim! Have you all thought of building a pergola above with vines? Luckily, our deck faces north so the shade of the house cover 75% of it during the summer. It’s still hot out there today though! We’re at 99 degrees today! Welcome summertime. 😉

  2. Great idea, I was noticing yesterday while on our way to 4th of July festivities how many BBQs were completely visible to the street.

  3. Very nice, Kim! We have privacy problems, too, but I just planted a lot of bushes and trees! Love that vine! 🙂


  4. I love it! It’s so beautiful, it’s definitely got my wheels turning for my own. 🙂

  5. What a GREAT solution! Bet it will be BEAUTIFUL once the vine completely covers it 🙂

  6. Nice job! Looks great with the climbing vine 🙂 My dad and I built one last weekend to hide our AC units, glad those suckers are hidden now. I love how lattice can be used in a variety of ways. Toodles.

  7. Love this screen Kim!! I love how your deck looks with the furniture, rug and flowers…looks so cozy and inviting! That vine is going to look stunning when its climbed higher onto the screen in full bloom! I was out on my deck today in Chesapeake and almost burned to a crisp!!! Sizzling here isn’t it?? Thanks for sharing the tutorial…makes such a difference to your space. Have a great weekend! Heather 🙂

  8. Pinned this!! Heather 🙂

  9. Kristen says:

    Thank you for the detailed tutorial! It looks amazing! What kind of climber is that? It’s beautiful!


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