5 Ways to Fill a Blank Wall

5 Ways to Fill a Blank Wall

Do you ever stare at a wall and wonder how to decorate it? Do you feel overwhelmed and unsure? I sure do sometimes! Today I want to give you some inspiration and help. We’re going to look at 5 Ways to Fill a Blank Wall.5 Ways to Fill a Blank Wall

I have an awkward wall in my home that annoys me. Yes, I can be annoyed by a wall.  The space is too small to do much of anything with. I’ve tried placing plants in the corner, but they suffer because of the poor lighting. I’ve played around with a single mirror. That mirror on the wall is too small and therefore gets lost in the space, and the large mirror was fine, but boring. This wall is in located in a very high traffic area in our family room, next to the kitchen. Because it is such a visible location, I wanted something attractive, something large, something special, something that made a statement! It needed Ballard Designs! (At least that’s what I convinced myself!)
boring wall

Make a Statement with Large Artwork

Ta-da! We have definitely made a statement with this large painting from Ballards. This White Heron Glicee has been on my wish list for ages and I’m thrilled that I took the plunge and bought it. We have enormous herons that will often fly through our yard in search of the fish in the pond out back. I like decorating with large artwork because it fills a blank wall easily and instantly commands visual attention. The corner was softened with a ceramic urn filled with soft and billowy pampas grass fronds.

5 Ways to Fill a Blank Wall - White Heron Glicee I’ve also used large paintings to fill a blank wall in our dining room. That painting is Storm Over the Marsh (also from BD). It depicts the coastal marshes of the south east and looks exactly like the area where I live, which gives the painting significance and meaning to me.

5 Ways to Fill a Blank Wall - Storm Over the Marsh Glicee

Create a Gallery Wall

Another way to not only fill a blank wall but to also add significance and meaning to it, is to create gallery wall. I absolutely love this family room gallery wall by Marty’s Musings! She kept the gallery consistent, by using all black and white family photos with white frames, but created interest with varying sizes, layouts, and decals.


A gallery wall can all also have a repetitive, structured theme. I created a very linear gallery wall in our playroom using framed DIY Shell Art, made from shells our family has collected along the beach. How to Make a Gallery Wall

 Do-It-Yourself Artwork

If you have a bit of an artistic flair, consider filling a blank wall with your own artwork! DIY art can be as involved or as simple as you want. Below is my Twilight Art or Tree of Life Painting, which I like to call it. 😉

Twilight Art Get your kids involved in the artwork! These Easy Watercolor Resist paintings were done by my daughter.

Easy Watercolor Resist ArtAnd you can’t get any simpler than making your own Framed Fabric Art! Absolutely no skills required.

DIY Fabric Wall Art

Reflect the Space with Mirrors

Another way to fill a blank wall is to use mirrors. Of course you can use just one, but look at how interesting grouping several mirrors together is! Not only is it attractive, but this is also a nice solution for a small or dark room. The mirrors with reflect the light and give the illusion of a grander space.

Mirrored wall BHG

I turned charger plates into decorative mirrors and lined them in a row to fill a skinny wall.

Turn Chargers into Mirrors

Install Floating Display Shelves

Fill a blank wall with floating display shelves to display artwork, photos, and little treasures or collections. Jessica from Four Generations One Roof teaches us how to hang shelves in seconds using painter’s tape! She filled the awkward blank wall on the side of their staircase. So smart!


The floating shelves don’t have to be only for display, they can be very functional. We built 4 floating shelves in our laundry room to help store and organize our cleaning supplies. Floating Shelf Tutorial

Beth from Home Stories A to Z replaced a painting with 3 floating Display shelves, maximizing functionality and organization in this small powder room. You need to check out the before and after pics!

bathroom shelves

So don’t let those blank walls frustrate you any longer! Try one of the 5 ways to fill a blank wall and you will be loving your spaces even more than before!


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  1. Such beautiful pictures and lots of inspired decorating ideas!

  2. 🙂

  3. Thanks for including my gallery wall, Kim!

  4. leticia madril says:

    I enjoy your blog very much, it reminds me of “home”. We recently moved from Hampton Roads to CA and although it’s beautiful here, it’s not the same. Trying to incorporate that east coast feel into a west coast home has been challenging. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I made a gallery wall of all the roller coaster pictures I have had taken at the different amusement parks. Another idea is to take your favorite photograph and print it out to a 16×20, mat and frame it. I have done this to several photos and they look great on my wall.

  6. Love the heron picture, looks like something I’d like to try painting myself 🙂

  7. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing. I particularly like those sea grass baskets and the pampas grass. I actually grow pampas grass in my garden and fetched some in today to hide an not so pretty corner in the dining room. Worked a treat.

  8. Great ideas, Kim! I am loving your chargers turned mirrors and your sister’s bathroom is about the prettiest tiny powder room ever…loving that wallpaper! Have a great weekend! XO

  9. Those are great ideas. I especially like the mirror wall.

  10. Nancy D says:

    LOVE all your beach colors – just wish I had more house than a narrow 12 ft 90 Sq meter condo!!!!! ANYway…2 things pls…your wall above w the White Heron Glicee looks like the wall is painted in varying colors from bottom to top – LOVE THAT – PLEASE tell me how to do that and WHAT colors you used!!! PlsPls! 2- Pls identify the actual paint colors of all these pics/rooms! THANKS so Very much for webbing all these lovely rooms and your hard work!!!!!!!

    • Thank you so much Nancy, but the wall is simply painted in Comfort Gray by Sherwin Williams. The pic might make it look like an ombre wall treatment but that was just the way the light plays in this room and the shadows from the sofa, nothing special. 😉

  11. Please tell me what color that light green/blue is in your laundry room. Thank you!


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