20+ Shark Week Projects

20+ Shark Week Projects

It’s Shark Week! Our family loves this week every year on the Discovery Channel. I have to admit though, I am absolutely terrified of sharks. I think it is my #1 fear! So why do we joyfully torture ourselves by celebrating Shark Week? I think because we all secretly hope it will help qualm our phobias!  I’ve gathered up 20+ Shark Week Projects, crafts, recipes, decor and more for you! Let’s call today collection shark therapy!

20+ Shark Week Projects

Let’s kick it off with my DIY Shark Pallet Art

DIY Pallet Art -Shark

and my Pallet Shark which hangs happily over my son’s bed!

Pallet Shark

Sharky Kid’s Hooded Beach Coverup via Crazy Little Projects Shark Hooded Beach Coverup Shark Tooth Shadow Box via Eating in the Shower Shark Tooth Shadowbox How to Install a Shark Toilet Tank Lever via Blue I Style How To Install A Shark Toilet Tank Lever Host a Shark Party for Shark Week via Stockpiling Moms shark-party Shark Infested Flip Flop Wreath via Dollar Store Crafts shark-infested-flip-flop-wreath Shark Bite Flip Flop Wreath – original source unknown flip-flop-shark-bitten-wreath Shark Tooth Fairy Bags via Cutsey Crafts Shark Tooth Fairy Bags Paper Plate Shark Jaws via Dollar Store Crafts paper-plate-shark-teeth Shark Footprint Craft for Kids via Glued to My Crafts Shark Foot Print Craft for Kids Shark Party Photo Prop & Backdrop via Dukes & Duchesses Shark Party Photo Prop Shark Bite Picture Frame via Dollar Store Crafts diy-shark-frame   Recycled Wood Shark Art via Etsy Recycled Wood Shark Art Oven Mitt Shark Puppet via Dollar Store Crafts Oven Mitt Shark Puppet Shark Valentine Boxes via The Joys of Boys Shark Valentine Boxes Clothespin Sharks via Kix clothespin-shark  Feed the Shark Alphabet Game via Toddler Approved feed the shark Alphabet game DIY Shark Themed Jewelry via Dollar Store Crafts DIY-Shark-Jewelry  Shark Week Nails via the RefineryShark Week Nails Simple Shark Cookies via Sugarbelle Surfing-and-Shark-Cookies_Sweetsugarbelle Shark Watermelon via Babble shark watermelon Shark Cupcakes via A Baked Creation Shark Cupcakes

 Have a very Happy Shark Week!


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  1. We love Shark Week too! We’re about 40 miles from the Gulf and I’ve never encountered a shark, but there’s something about scary sea stories and sharks and of course – Jaws, that’s fascinating!! (oddly enough, I hate snakes too but I’d never, NEVER watch a week of programs about them!)

    • Haha! You totally made me laugh with the snake reference! I actually don’t mind snakes even though we happen to host the 3 deadliest snakes in our state…. and they are everywhere! Enjoy the sharky fun Susan! 😉
      All my best,

  2. Kim Walter says:

    My friend sent me this post because she knows I love sharks!! And my name is Kim! How funny.

  3. Kim Walter says:

    My friend sent me this post today because she knows I love sharks! And then I saw your name is Kim too!! How funny!