Get organized this new year and discover these 16 Spice Rack Storage Solutions for your kitchen!

Spice Rack Storage Solutions

Spice Rack Storage Solutions

Are you ready to spice up the new year? I attempt to get myself and home in gear and get organized each January. This month I’m going to try to focus on my kitchen and a few other spots in the home.  My spice cupboard is a hot and spicy mess! Each time I open the door, spices come crashing down on me! Time to get organized! Let’s take a look at some Spice Rack Storage Solutions!

Spice Rack Storage Solutions

Spice Rack Storage Solutions: Maximize Unused Space 

Use the wasted and unused space next to a refridgerator and make this DIY sliding spice and canned food storage rack.

Spice and Canned Food Storage SolutionsClassy Clutter

Use multiple inexpensive wire mesh pencil holders and screw them into the side walls of a pantry or closet to hold all your spices.

Spice Rack Storage SolutionsDomestic Imperfection

Spice Rack Storage Solutions: Spice Up Your Drawers!

Drawer Spice StorageOpen Salon

Spice StorageGardenWeb

Use small mason jars to organize your spices in a drawer.


Spice Rack Storage Solutions: Secret Hidden Spice Storage 

This newel post on the cabinets does not only add a beautiful architectural element to the kitchen but it also hides a spice rack! How clever!

Hidden Storage for SpicesAtlanta Homes Magazine

Use any wasted space on the sides of appliances to install a skinny, pull out spic drawer. Store the spices in wire baskets and alphabetize them for quick and easy access.

Hidden Storage for SpicesGardenWeb

Spice Rack Storage Solution: Built-in Spice Racks

Build your own spice rack cabinet in between the wall studs and hide it all with a wood door.

Built-in Spice RackGardenWeb

Built in Spice StorageTidbit from the Tremaynes

Spice Rack Storage Solution: Spicy & Magnetic

How brilliant is this? Use recycled baby food jars to make your own magnetic spice rack! This one is stuck to the side of a refridgerator.

Magnetic Spice StorageOne Lucky Pickle

Create a DIY magnetic spice rack on the side of a cupboard.

DIY Magnetic Spice RackGarden Betty

Use the few inches that peek out from the side of your fridge to store and display the magnetic spice containers.

Magnetic Spice Storage

Spice Rack Storage Solutions: Door Mounted Spice Racks

Maximize space and use the insides of closet, pantry, and cabinet doors for a pre-bought or custom made door mounted spice rack.

Door Mounted Spice RackMake Create Do Papertrey Ink

Door Spice Rack StorageThe Perfect Pantry

Simple Plastic Spice Rack Organizer clips hold spice bottles on the inside of a cupboard easily and securely.

spice-rack-organizerFood Family Finds

I’m not sure which spice rack storage solution I’ll choose to use yet, but wow, I certainly have a ton of ideas to decide upon! Which one do you love? I’d love for you to share with me how you store your spices too!

Happy Organizing!


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  1. JaneEllen says:

    Wow, so many incredible ways to update/organize spice storage. Wish I had someplace I could do that but no room in our kitchen. Luckily we have/use that many spices. Hubs is major cook in our house.
    If I did want to do my spices I’d get those cute little squaty jars with chrome lids from Hobby Lobby when they have them 1/2 off which they did last week. Love those jars. I used several jars in various sizes to make winter scenes for gifts, recipients seemed to really like them. Making up the jars would be great gift for daughter.

  2. That’s the biggest debate we have on our new kitchen design, which we’re hoping to complete this year – just how are we going to tackle the problem of my jars and jars of spices? I’m trying to pare them down and get rid of the ones I absolutely never use, but it’s still a storage problem, especially in our tiny condo.

  3. These are all incredible ideas. I love the one with the cabinet between the studs.

  4. Great round up, Kim! I’ve always loved the one that slides between the fridge and the wall. I don’t have a lot of wall space in my kitchen so I’m envious of anyone that can display their spices so cutely.

  5. Marie Fyfe says:

    the one thing I believe you have to remember is just where out put these — I think if too close to heat like a stove/oven — it may impact the spice. I one time used a closet near my kitchen to store flour, sugar and pasta. I could not understand why I was getting bugs in my pasta and flour — I learned that the chimney ran through the closet! Thus it was not a good place to store such items.

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