Melted Ice Cream and Lonny Eye Candy

Melted Ice Cream and Lonny Eye Candy
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Note to self: If you are sick, do not attempt to go grocery shopping, but if you do, please remember to bring the groceries in from the car.

It’s just going to be one of those days I guess. There is an elephant sitting on my chest, my head is in a thick fog bank, and my groceries made it in the house a few hours later than planned (minus a melted container of ice cream). I could really use a bowl of that Edy’s Double Fudge Brownie ice cream right now. What’s a girl to do except crawl back in bed with my laptop and catch up on my emails. That takes too much effort and my head hurts, but one email stood out today and it didn’t require any intelligent thought processes! It was the latest digital issue of Lonny Magazine!

Ahhh, pretty eye candy had arrived to cheer me up! Pour a cup of green tea, pull up the blankets and let’s take a look-see… I promise not to breathe on you.



Lonny mag

Lonny mag 2



All pics via Lonny Mag

I hope you enjoyed a teeny taste of that luscious eye candy! There are 243 gorgeous pages to oooh and ahhh over. If you want your own free online subscription to Lonny Magazine just click here and they’ll send it directly to your inbox.

Ok, this sick girl needs a nap. Hopefully tomorrow will be a healthier day and I’ll be able to work on some great projects to show you!


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  1. SUCH gorgeous pictures. I love them all. Heading over now to finish reading the issue!

  2. Kim,

    I love the photos from the latest edition of Lonny. Though,what really caught my eye, was the sun burst mirror in the one photo. It was gorgeous. I wonder what it was made of? Thanks for the tip on subscribing to the digital edition. Get well soon!

  3. I saw her, and this house, on House Hunters International. They were unable to find a home that met their needs and they ended up buying property and having the home built. Her husband is an architect. Very cool that it ended up in a magazine!