1949 Bathroom Renovation

1949 Bathroom Renovation
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1949 Bathroom Renovation Before and After

We are currently in the process of redecorating our master bathroom in our new home.
Well, by new, I mean we’ve been here 2 1/2 years.
That’s still new, right?
Anyhoo, that’s a work in progress that hopefully will be completed soon and then I will share it with you all!

The house we moved from 2 yrs. ago was a very small, 1949 Cape Cod.
It had charm and character that goes without saying in those older homes,
but some rooms just… oh, how would you say….
grated on me like nails on a chalk board!

The house had 2 small bathrooms and they were decked out in the glorious colors of their era.
Ours was sea foam green and black, and the other was salmon and brown,
which wasn’t as horrid as some bathrooms in our hood. 
I’m talking about pink tiled walls, floors, sinks, toilets, bathtubs.
Uhg, I think Pepto Bismal was invented during this era.
Ours was grungy, moldy, cracked, leaky, and in need of serious updating.

So one day Handsome and I just picked up a sledge hammer and ….
Ummm, they don’t build floors and walls today like they used to.
Oh my, this was going to take A LOT of effort, and make A LOT of plaster dust.
What we thought would be a simple job of scraping off the old cracked flooring turned into a nightmare. 
Who knew they used to pour 6 inches of concrete to form bathroom floors back then?
(I hear all you experienced renovator’s evil chuckles!)
Did I mention the dust?
We did so much damage just to remove the tile that we had to completely remove the floor itself!
Of course that revealed extensive termite damage to the floor joists.
No wonder the floor was uneven and sagging. 
My bathroom ended up being completely gutted to the studs, minus the cast iron, trillion ton tub.
The bathroom stayed in disarray for about 9 months, because Handsome…well…
please tell me your husbands start but never complete home projects also.
But enough was enough and I needed a working bathroom now!
So to work we went with a lot of help from a contractor friend (Thanks Jerome!).
We wanted to keep the integrity of the home’s 1940’s character

but not sacrifice quality products, fixtures, and style. 

1949 Bathroom Renovation
The mirror is from Pottery Barn, the sconces are the original fixtures, and the vanity is from Target.
The subway tiled walls were replaced with bead board.
We saved some money on the bead board by purchasing an exterior bead board paneling
from a lumber yard, which is quite rough.
Then we sanded it smooth with an electric sander, primed, and painted it with a high gloss white paint.
Black slate tiles Bathroom makeover
I think the floors were my favorite.
They were special order porcelain “slate” tiles from Home Depot.
We had them placed in a diamond pattern.
This pattern pushes the room outward, visually expanding the space.
That is always a good trick for long, narrow spaces.
It does take a bit more tile, but makes a huge impact.
Bead Board Bathroom Makeover
The glass mosaic tile I ordered through an online wholesaler.
Have someone help you figure out how much tile you need because I didn’t.
I should have.
Did I mention I’m terrible at math? 
We were WAY short (insert Handsome’s & contractor’s scowls here).
This delayed the project while we waited for more tile to arrive.
It also was not exactly the same color batch which often happens.
But it wasn’t too noticeable.
Measure! Measure! Measure!
mosaic tile bathroom remodel
The tub was reglazed (horrible experience, but that’s for another post).
Just please go with the most reputable company in your town!
Get references!
The sink, toilet, and fixture were all from the Kohler Memoirs Suite ordered through Home Depot.
That toilet was the best toilet I’ve ever sat on!
TMI? Anyhoo…Love Kohler!
1949 Bathroom Renovation c4a.bc9.myftpupload.com

Renovating takes a lot of time and effort but it was oh so worth it in the end!
Just wait until you see my new master bathroom!
Talk about an upgrade!….coming soon!

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  1. I remember this bathroom! You did such a great job on it! That whole house was beautiful with all your touches. I also remember tearing our bathroom out and you are so right about the floors and the dust…ugh! We, however, removed that ton, cast iron tub…torture!

  2. It is STUNNING! My parents redid theirs and it was down to the studs as well. I can only imagine what the master will reveal now. Great job to you both {my huby does not do reno…boo}.


  3. WOW, it is GORGEOUS!! Totally worth all the hard work, I’m sure 🙂

  4. It’s beautiful and I love all your tile choices.

  5. This bathroom looks just like mine! I re-did mine too, but a little differently…


  6. Looks great! I recently did my bathroom in green and white beadboard! Love the look! I like the tile in the shower you chose! Beautiful! Have fun blogging – I am still new to the blogosphere too.

  7. I’m coming over from A2Z. Welcome to blogland! Looks like you’re off to a great start. The bathroom renovation looks awesome! Best wishes to you…Lisa

  8. Kim, Pleased to make you aquaintance. Your new bathroom is beautiful! Best wishes with your new blog!*L*

  9. Welcome, welcome, welcome 🙂

    I would have had to stop by based on the name of your blog alone (I’m a sand and sisal kind of girl myself) but since your Beth’s sis I figured I better do it right away 🙂

    Love this bathroom, can’t even get over the paint color, it’s gorgeous! Nice job!

  10. Oh my goodness, it’s AMAZING! So happy to “meet” you today. Look forward to following your blog!

    Layla 🙂

  11. How fresh and pretty, amazing job! Enjoy it and glad to have found your blog…via your fabulous sister!

  12. WOW!!! Amazing job! I love the green and white – so pretty. 🙂

  13. Your bathroom is gorgeous! It was definitely worth all of the hard work!


  14. Just visiting from your sweet sister’s blog plug! Your bathroom renovation is absolutely amazing! What a big job, tackled well.


  15. You did an awesome job. Beth @ The Stories of A to Z told us about your blog. I love it. I will definitely be following you. I hope you will follow me back at http://www.mamawsplace4.blogspot.com. I love your ideas. I’m going to try the spread and give it for gifts next week. Thanks for the idea.

  16. Welcome Kim! Your bathroom looks amazing and I’m looking forward to following your blog.

    Have a wonderful day,

  17. Hi Kim, your transformations are beautiful!

  18. oh my! Well hello gorgeous….what an amazing transformation. Great great choices for a wonderful grand finale!

  19. What a gorgeous bathroom – can’t wait to see what else comes from this blog!

  20. It looks beautiful Kim! You’re crazy sister sent me your way. 🙂 Looking forward to getting to *know* you more!

  21. Kim, Welcome to blog land 🙂 Your bathroom is a stunner! Looking forward to following your blog and seeing all the inspiration you will surely have to offer!

  22. Just beautiful! My first home had that same green and black tile! It was built in the early 1940’s. (Lancaster area). My dad changed out the sink, lighting and mirror for me. I wish I had some pictures. Your before pics looked so much like my old bathroom. I do miss that home.

  23. Wow…beautiful bathroom Kim…love it! Welcome to blogland! ~Deb~

    (love the name of your blog btw)

  24. This is amazing, I am drooling!!! Can’t wait to see more on your blog!!

  25. Looks great.. Congrats Kim and welcome to blog land.. I Love the recipe for the cranberry spread and that is what the teachers will be getting this week.. Thanks for that.. Keep blogging, we are loving your stuff!

  26. I love this bathroom!! You did such an incredible job 🙂 I just started following you. Can’t wait to see your master!!

  27. Love it!!!!
    I am excited about following your blog. Double excited because we live in the same area!

  28. Congrats on the new blog! I totally love your sis so I guess that by relation that means I love you too! I cant wait to see what fun stuff you have up your sleeve!

    love your guts

  29. Hi Kim! It’s so nice to meet you!

    I’ve seen photos of all three of the Crabtree girls before. What a beautiful family! I’m one of three girls as well, although we’re a bit older than y’all–my big sister will be 50 next year, which is a little hard to believe! I’m guessing she must be like you, though–artistic, superb in the kitchen, all-around talented. What is it about the eldest of three girls?

    I’ve just read all your posts and I look forward to seeing more. I hope you find the blogging community to be a wonderful place to belong!

  30. Your bathroom is lovely…nice blend of modern ammenities with a vintage feel. beautiful!
    Your sister’s been talking you up pretty good…and I see why…you’re both very talented ladies. 🙂

  31. What a beautiful renovation! I just popped over from U Create. We’re working on a house renovation right now, and I’m very inspired by your bathroom and its mix of colors, textures and materials. Love the beadboard and the shower tile.

    Thanks for sharing!

  32. This bathroom is absolutely lovely. I love the colours and how everything stayed true to the style of your house while you modernized. I’m excited to see the other bathroom!

  33. beautiful! i found you through Ucreate. I sure hope I didn’t just miss this info, but what color is on the walls?

  34. holy wowza! i just popped on over here from ucreate and this bathroom makeover is ah-mazing!

  35. Jed & Kara- The color is Valspar’s Laura Ashley’s Moss 4. Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments!

  36. Your bathroom is amazing! We live in a 1930’s Cape Cod/bungalow/cottage with funky old tile and I am always tempted to put an end to it. Especially after seeing yours.


  37. Kim, thanks so much for sharing this transformation. The difference is amazing.

  38. Wow! That is an amazing transformation! You did a great job!

  39. Great work! I can’t imagine a more difficult project than a bathroom overhaul, but the results are fantastic.

  40. Hi Kim-

    I love your new bathroom – what a major change! I think the color green you chose looks so nice against the white and the darker tile floor. Great photos – did you use a wide angle lens to get the last shot?
    My best- Diane

  41. Kim, I love your bathroom, all of it! the color, the tile, the window, the wainscoting. Great Job!

  42. Kim, your bathroom looks fantastic! I love the glass tile in the shower, the wall color, the beadboard, everything! I am so glad I came across your blog. I’m a new follower!

  43. This bathroom is fabulous. Love the green with the black and white photos. We have a 1950’s beach cottage and just redid our three bathroom.
    Similar style.
    Mary Ann

  44. Totally amazing! I love renovating bathrooms (LOL, is that weird?!)

  45. Fantabulous job! Love the beadboard and the color scheme! Thanks for the inspiration…and the post!

  46. Beautiful bathroom! So crisp and clean, and I love the shower tile! Can’t wait to see the next one. We are in the throws of a master bath remodel, and I love see photos of what other people are doing.

    We are still in the early stages, but I’d love for you to visit my blog 🙂

  47. So fresh and pretty Kim! My favorite is the tiled bath- you cannot tell about any mismatched tile, it just looks gorgeous. What a dramatic makeover!

  48. Gorgeous bathroom!

  49. Wow! That looks amazing! I love the tile in the shower.

  50. This bathroom reno was enough to pull me in as a follower! I love it, you did an amazing job! We’re hoping to get ours done this spring. It currently looks like your old bathroom except our tile is lavender & black…ugh!

  51. Linking from CG, and I SOOO needed this post today! We have 6 months to renovate our entire house, and I feel like every project we start, we just keep finding more and more problems! Water damage, mold, blah, blah, blah. Termites are a HUGE problem here (Oahu), so I wouldn’t be surprised if we find that next. We have preventative stuff driled all around our house and through the house even, but still… would NOT surprise me at this point.

    AND your bathroom looks almost identical to what I’ve designed for our 1/2 bath! Perfect! Pedestal sink, beadboard and sweet trim, sconces, and we already installed similar tile flooring! Great taste. 😉


  52. The renovation came out fantastic!

    I have a circa 1937 bathroom, and it has that same damn aqua & black wall tile… with original peach colored tub and sink. To top it off someone along the line, decided a godawful pink replacement toilet was a good idea.

    No money to renovate it, and it is actually in surprisingly good condition… so I am doomed to look at it each day.

  53. I decided to come over and peruse a bit. This bathroom makeover is amazing!! It doesn’t even look like the same bathroom as the “before” picture. Y’all did an amazing job.

  54. Your new bathroom is gorgeous! I am so jealous…I hate mine and a reno is not in the budget anytime soon. I helped my mom redo her pink tiled 1950’s bathroom and it was sooo much fun knocking out those ugly tiles I had to stare at all those year.

    Enjoy your new bathroom! 🙂

  55. My house is also a cape built in 1949 but it is a Levitt house and has ZERO charm and ZERO character. Sites like yours inspire me very day…much to my husband’s dismay. He just sees $$$$ signs!


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