Autumn Display

Autumn Display
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Here in south east Virginia and we are still in the 80’s and everything is still rather lush and green. The height of our color season isn’t until early to mid-November. A lengthy season means decorating for autumn can be fun because you can change it up as the season progresses, from September’s greens and yellows, to October’s orange and black, then November’s red, orange, and browns.

fall display-cool tones

I thought I’d start the season off with cooler tones before I jumped into the traditional color scheme. I picked up a few gray-green and cream colored heirlooms for outdoors at my local garden center. Heirloom pumpkins come in a variety of interesting colors and shapes. They will cost you more than regular pumpkins.

fall display close up

When putting together a display, varying heights, textures and sheens will give the table-scape or mantel-scape interest. Grouping items in odd numbers, creating “visual triangles” throughout. Here I paired my tall, faux mercury glass candle pillars with a pedestal soup terrine and pumpkin. I like the cool colors of the pumpkins paired with the warmth of the grapevine wreath, and bamboo placemats. The glass lends a bit of glisten to the display while the leaves and moss add softness.

fall display- full shot

Don’t be afraid to use unusual items from around your home to display beautiful items. Always shop your house first!

Search your closets, cupboards, and kitchen. You’ll be surprised what you might find.

I’ll be linking this up tomorrow to a fun fall series by these incredible ladies.


Be sure to check it out and as always, I’d love to hear your feedback!




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  1. That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

    I am not a huge fan of orange but still use it in my fall decor because “that’s what you do”. No more. This year I have also incorporated more tans and blues and purples (still some orange).

    Your fall decorations are beautiful, fall’y but not typical. Are those placemats underneath?

  2. Very Pretty Kim!!

  3. Leen- yes, they are bamboo placemats. Thanks!!

  4. So pretty! The color of the pumpkins is wonderful.

  5. I was attracted to your link because of the colors. I was wondering why we ‘have’ to use orange…it is not my favorite color anyways, and nowhere in my house. Your beautiful display is an inspiration! I love the colors! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Kim I adore the blue/grey colored pumpkins. They are a nice change and the mantle looks beautiful!


    Art by Karena

  7. I didn’t realize that pumpkins came in blue/gray colors! I was going to paint one blue/green! Your mantel looks great!

  8. Thanks everyone! I’m giggling reading your comments, because the pumpkins are actually grayish green. They are green on my laptop (where I write my posts) but on my desk top computer they are blue! Either way I love them! Love your comments! Keep ’em coming!

  9. Well, you know I love your palette!!! 😀
    Gorgeous, gorgeous mantel display…thanks for joining the linky party too!

    Layla 😀

  10. Mercury glass + green pumpkins = I die. So pretty!


  11. Such a beautiful color combo! I DO love the grey blue/green pumpkins too…they are really hard to find here in Alabama…at any price. Thanks for all the tips on display. I saw your post at the Fall Mantle party.

  12. It looks great, love the colors!

  13. love those muted colors, and they’d definitely go with my decor. too bad i love the colors of the changing leaves so much, it means i use orange.

  14. I love the punch of green and varing heights of your objects. Something I need to work on.

  15. Love it, Kim. Love those blue pumpkins with the mercury glass and white pieces.

  16. So cute!!! I love fall!!

  17. So pretty Kim! I love the color combo and think it’s perfect for fall.

  18. Wow! SO pretty! I love the gentle colors!

  19. Pretty! I like the berry garland on the wreath…I have the same one on my mantel =)
    Visiting from The Lettered Cottage,
    ~Kelly @ Corner of Main

  20. Very pretty, I’m loving the cooler, non-traditional color scheme.

  21. So pretty- I love the soothing colors! This is my favorite palette. The pumpkin is perfect! You did a great job!