Green and White Autumn Centerpiece

Green and White Autumn Centerpiece

I don’t think I can remember a time when my mom did not have the most beautiful centerpieces placed on our kitchen table. Having a welcoming table at dinnertime was very important to my mom, and she passed that appreciation down to my sisters and I. As much as I try to have a pretty centerpiece, my husband always removes it from the table before dinner. It drives me nuts! He says he wants to see the people across from him, which makes sense, right? So I’m learning to create centerpieces that are lower. I tire easily of the oranges and reds for fall so this season I decided to make a fresh green and white centerpiece using what I had in the home and yard!

Cream & Sage Autumn centerpiece

I’m a huge believer in shopping your own home first before heading out to buy something. For this green and white fall centerpiece, I gathered several glass vases and opened up the pantry to find vase fillers that would fit into the simple color scheme. Your pantry probably holds natural fillers that you might not have ever thought of using! Let’s look at some natural vase filler ideas.

Pear & Pumpkin Autumn Centerpiece (714x800)

Natural Vase Filler Ideas

Green Fillers:
Dried Bay Leaves
Green Split Peas
Green Acorns
Dried Wasabi Peas
Dried Lima Beans
Holly Leaves
Fresh Pine Needles

White Fillers:
Great Northern Beans
Cous cous

Green and White Centerpiece

The vases and hurricanes were filled with white candles nestled in rice, sand, bay leaves, green split peas, and great northern beans. I headed out into the yard and clipped off branches from my overgrown variegated privet bush. I made a little bed of privet in the galvanized metal tray, arranged the vases on top and added a few white pumpkins, nuts, and green pears.

Green and White Centerpiece

The twig table runner is from the Threshold line at Target and the “tablecloth” is actually a quilt.

Green & White Fall Centerpiece

I love the variety of textures at play, paired with a bit of shine from the glass and silver tray. Keeping the color scheme simple creates a very restful arrangement. We’ll see how the family likes it tonight! Hopefully it will stay!

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  1. Very cool! What’s cous cous and where can you get it?

    • Most people think cous cous is a tiny grain but it’s actually a type of pasta. It is used a lot in middle eastern/ Indian dishes. My kids love it! You can find it at most grocery stores in the same aisle as rice. Thanks! 😉

  2. I LOVE IT Kim!! So pretty!!

  3. Wow, very nice. I love it, because a) green and white is my favorite color combination and b) because you used herbs and food that you had in your garden and pantry.
    Love, Jule {inside9B}

  4. Very pretty, Kim! I’m glad that you listed what you had in the vases…I have to look through my cabinets. I LOVE the twig table runner!


  5. Lovely!!! If I had a vote, I’d say it is a keeper!

  6. Very pretty. I don’t even have a centerpiece right now! It’s a big o’l empty table. 🙂

  7. I love this! The natural filler ideas are great! I am really into trays right now too.

  8. What a lovely display!

  9. I’ve done peas/beans, etc before but the bay leaves are INSPIRED! I bet it smells lovely, too. 🙂
    xo Heidi

  10. You have an EYE my friend, BEAUTIFUL and CLASSY. hugs, jen

  11. Love all your vase filler ideas!

  12. Beautiful! Love that you used things in your pantry and didn’t spend a dime. Been looking at that twig runner at Target though..might have to purchase it now.

  13. So pretty! I always love your style 🙂

  14. I love that twig table runner. Must go to Target ASAP. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Beautiful!! I love your natural fillers. The colors are gorgeous. Best, Sarah

  16. Beautiful arrangement! 🙂

  17. It looks gorgeous! My husband does the same thing that yours does. I’ve found that keeping everything on a tray, like you did, makes it easier. Then he can just move the whole tray, and I can move it back again!

  18. It just gorgeous! My boys most definitely do NOT appreciate centerpieces… But I think I might make them suffer after seeing how pretty this is!

  19. Love the basket arrangement idea. It is so fresh and beachy looking. Makes me want to go visit the ocean. I have my own favorite basket and I change it up every season. Right now it is all set up for the Pennsylvania foliage. By the way I love your blog. I am new to the scene and you were one of my favorite blogs and inspirations. Maybe you can stop by and take a peek. Have a great day!

    Kim 🙂

  20. It is beautiful Kim – and very clever to have the whole thing in a tray so *if* your hubs removes it, you can still enjoy looking at it again after dinner.

  21. I love the color combination! Simply gorgeous.

  22. So pretty. I love beans in centerpieces – probably my first Martha Stewart inspired anything I ever did. This is gorgeous thanks for the ideas for fillers too.

  23. Beautiful centerpiece! I’m pinning! Always gorgeous!

  24. so pretty…xo

  25. Beautiful Kim. I love the more neutral tones as well.


  26. I was just taking pictures of the same ideas for a major project that I am working on, will it be ok to use your pictures and of course link back to you?


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