Lighting Height Guide

Lighting Height Guide
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My dream chandy (chandelier) is finally up! I can’t tell you how happy I am! This chandy was a birthday gift to myself two years ago and it has sat in a corner of the lonely dining room waiting for it’s luminous day of glory! The dilemma I had was figuring out what height it should be hung at and having help hanging it. Have you ever wondered about the correct heights of lighting? Wouldn’t a quick lighting height guide be helpful? I decided to make one.

Pottery Barn Camilla Chandy knockoff

My twig chandy is a Pottery Barn Camilla Chandelier knockoff from To be honest, I think it’s even prettier!  Before installing the chandelier I did some some research, and put together a guide for lighting heights for quick referral.

camilla chandelier

Camilla Chandelier via Pottery Barn

Lighting Over Tables

Based on an 8 foot ceiling, the bottom of chandeliers should be 28-32” above the table top. Add 3” for each foot if the ceiling is above 8 feet tall.

PB Tivoli Table

Veranda Linear Chandelier via Pottery Barn

Foyer Lighting Heights


If you have a large, two story foyer, the chandelier should hang at least 5 feet down from the ceiling or should be centered in the middle of any large picture window that might be in the foyer and in street view. For a small foyer, the light should hang no lower than 7 feet from the floor.

Island Pendant Lighting

Island Pendant lights

Jilaire Wagner: House & Home

Pendants hung above an island or bar should be 28-34 inches above the countertop. They should be centered over the middle of the island and distributed equally across the length of the counter.

Side Table Lighting

beside lamps

Mercury Glass Lamps with Burlap Shades via Pottery Barn

Side tables have a bit more variation than other lighting guides. The height of the table will determine the height of the lamp. If your side table is 24-30 inches then choose a lamp that is 26-32 inches high. When sitting next to the lamp, you should not see the light bulb underneath the shade. If you do, then a smaller lamp should be chosen.

Staircase Lighting

staircase lighting

Décor Pad

When pendants hang above a staircase, choose a height that it 7 feet above the floor or higher. No man want to hit his head on a light overhead. If the space is not suitable for a hanging light, then choose a flush mount fixture.

Bathroom Vanity Lighting

bathroom sconce

Sussex Tube Sconce via Pottery Barn

Most of us have lighting in our bathrooms that is anything but flattering, glaring harshly from above. Ideally, lighting should be placed at eye level on either side of a mirror. This will range from 62-66 inches above the floor.

I’m thrilled with my beautiful twig chandy and how it looks in the room. The room is about to undergo a makeover and the chandelier is the centerpiece. This quick lighting height guide hopefully should help you and your lighting installation decisions.


Check out a gorgeous lighting collection on Pinterest!

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  1. Your new chandy is gorgeous! I can’t believe all that prettiness sitting in a box for 2 years. I’m glad you finally have it up. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks for the lighting guide. We are getting ready to put pendant lights in our kitchen. Do you have any info on how much light needs to be in a kitchen? We’ll be replacing florescent tubes with pendants but we aren’t sure that will be enough light in there.

  3. Shary- Can you tell me more about your kitchen space? Are the florescent tubes you are replacing the main lights in the kitchen or just above an island/counter?

  4. The florescent tubes are the main (only) lights in the kitchen and they are above the island. There is an eat-in area that has it’s own light. No under cabinet lights (which we hope to remedy) and one light over the sink. It’s an L-shaped kitchen. We’ve thought about 2 pendants over island (48×26) and adding recessed lights.

  5. Oh I LOVE your chandelier!!! WOW, it is MUCH nicer then the PB one! Yours is more fuller, while the Camilla one looks all mashed together. BEAUTIFUL!! Another GREAT find for an even better price 🙂

  6. Thanks ladies! I really can’t tell you how well I’ve done with! Just be aware that the lighting usually has to be assembled yourself. I attached each one of those little crystals! But I saved a TON of $$$.

  7. Shary-
    Could you please send your email address to because your profile (name) is not activated so I can’t email you directly and then I can answer your question better.

  8. Love your chandelier! SUCH a great guide. What a good idea for a post…more people should really follow this. I’ve been to quite a few homes where you hit your head on the chandy while reaching for the butter across the table! ha. My aunt (bless her heart) hangs sconces way too low and I almost catch my hair on fire when I walk by the burning candle one!!

  9. It’s gorgeous! So much prettier than Pottery Barn. Do you remember brand/name? I want one!

  10. Its beautiful…

  11. RitaMonty says:

    Thanks so much for this post!!!! I never blog or comment but for this matter I AM! I am so excited now after a year and no 20ft ladder in sight… I can finally hang my chandelier and be so happy when its done with little expense, besides the chandelier! Amazing Kudos to you for sharing!


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