Pin-tastic Tuesday: Coastal Cottage Chic

Pin-tastic Tuesday: Coastal Cottage Chic
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Three A.M in the morning and I’m awake…. again. Thank goodness I survive pretty well with little sleep but I’m starting to feel like I’m back to the days of all night baby feedings. Blame it on age and pre-menopausal symptoms I guess! I roam the dark downstairs of my home somewhere between 4-5 nights a week. What’s a girl to do in those wee hours that doesn’t involve a ton of brain activity?

I hop onto PINTEREST! (Click the link to follow along with me if you aren’t already.)

As I was pinning away pretty pictures, cool looking crafts, and recipes (that my thighs are telling me never to make) a fun thought came to me. Why not share with you and other insomniacs the awesome pins I come across in the blogosphere! So from here on out I’ll be starting Pin-tastic Tuesdays. Each week will focus on a separate topic. We all enjoy some mindless and inviting eye candy, right?

Welcome to my 1st Pin-tastic Tuesday! Today’s pins are all about Coastal Cottage Chic!

Coastal Cottage


Blue Living room

coastal cottage bathroom

Elle Décor

Sisal Stair Runner

Amand Nisbet Design

paddle coat rack

Cynthia Weber

Driftwood coffee table.... a must do for 2013

Steven Grambel Design

Seagull Gable Mosaic Shingles- Gorgeous! Now all I need is a beach house!

Mosaic Shingle Co.

coastal kitchen crush

Tobi Fairly Design

Storage table!

Velvet & Linen

Sarah Richardson Coastal Family Room

Sarah Richardson Family Room- Country Living



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  1. I love those painted oars with the hooks…very clever!! And I’ve always LOVED that Sarah Richardson family room!! I love her style!

    Very inspiring photos Kim! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You should’ve come down for a night cap…i too was awake most of the night. I was awake because of all the hacking in my house…why is it the hackers can sleep thru it but not me. They didn’t even know they had coughed all night. Really!? LoL.

  3. Beautiful inspiration images Kim!!

  4. Fantastic pics! I, too, have been thinking of doing something like this because I am also a Pinterest fanatic! I’ll be looking forward to whatca got for next week!

  5. I love them all! I am afraid if I get on the computer during the night I will never get back to sleep! I have to cut myself off around 11. Hope you get a better nights sleep tonight!

  6. Fabulous eye candy, Kim! I adore the seagulls cut into the shingles! Never seen that before. 🙂
    Have you ever tried Yogi Bedtime tea in the evenings? I, too, and an insomniac b/c of pre-menopausal hormones/age and it really helps me get to sleep AND fall back asleep if I wake up. Just a thought!
    xo Heidi

  7. I love the clear table full of seashells. What a natural touch to bring indoors.
    Thanks for the wonderful pics. I can’t wait for more!

  8. Lovely nautical theme decorating.


  1. […] called My-Insomniatic-Pintastic-Tuesday. If you missed the 1st Pin-tastic Tuesday then click here to see what my sleep deprived brain is referring to). Last week’s pins were all about Coastal […]