Family Room Update

Family Room Update
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You might remember back in August, in the post Changes: Blonde to Comfort Gray, I was trying to figure out how to better blend and  incorporate the two color schemes I had in my home. I wanted to reduce the amount of gold and bring in the calmer gray blues, yet not eliminate the pops of red. The family room has had several changes since then and I’m finally getting around to showing it off.

Coffee Table

The walls all received a nice coat of Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray, just like the kitchen had. Now the two rooms flow together ever better. The picture below is a little reminder of how it looked before,  all awash in Blonde.

Blonde and comfort gray

My favorite addition though as to be the new Jeffan Astor Coffee Table from Joss & Main. It’s made of hand woven abaca with a mahogany base. I’ve never owned a family room coffee table before, so I’m feeling very “grown up” now. The Pottery Barn sectional is very large, therefore needing a coffee table with presence.

Family Room - abaca coffee table

And look at the best part… storage for all of my magazines!

Coffee Table Storage

Now that I have a coffee table, I get to decorate it! With a large family running and playing around, I try to keep the décor simple. Overly decorated coffee tables as seen in the magazines, which leave no space for cups or my propped up feet, are just not realistic to everyday living. So a relaxed galvanized tray with rope handles holds a few lovely items.

Galvanized Tray

You know me… I need a bit of coastal in each area. Isn’t this sea urchin sculpture by Nate Berkus for the Target’s Threshold collection so pretty? It’s especially pretty next to my Valentine tulips and drift wood branch.

Sea Urchin- Nate Berkus

Hand woven abaca furniture brings such a nice texture to the room. My first abaca find was this Astor Stool from Joss & Main. We use it mostly as a side table but when crowds gather, it’s used as additional seating. Abaca is quite strong, but be warned… if you have bunnies as pets, they love to munch on it. We did a bit of bunny babysitting and quickly found that out! Grrrrrr.

Coffee Tables - hand woven abaca

Ahh Pottery Barn came to my rescue again!  I found these Graciela Palampore Drapes by Pottery Barn for a great bargain and they combine all the colors in my lower level beautifully.

Graciela Palampore Drape

We are loving all the new additions and how the room is slowly coming together!

Living room update



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  1. Very pretty Kim. Luv the pops of red.
    I have tried to remove the red from my living area and I keep going back, so I have to come to the realization… it’s a keeper.
    🙂 Smiling at the bunnies and the abaca pieces. We have abaca chairs in our sun room. For some reason, they are a favourite of our chocolate lab.
    Hare’s to a wonderful week!
    Cheers, Gee

  2. Love the new wall color, so pretty with the sectional and all the pops of red. Great coffee table find too, really grounds the space. Beautiful space that looks inviting and warm!

  3. The room is very inviting and the colors look very pretty together.

  4. It looks just lovely! And those tulips just make me smile. We are buried in snow and I cannot wait for spring. I should go buy some just to cheer me up. 🙂

  5. Kim,
    I love this room, especially the curtains and textures. Great job 🙂

  6. love the wall color and the texture of your new ottoman. It really brings the room together! Pinning to my family room inspiration board 🙂

  7. I want to sit there all day and read all your fabulous magazines 🙂
    It looks gorgeous!

  8. We have the same couch! I love it. Jealous that you have a coffee table. We still need that space for crawling and wrestling. When the kids get a little older I am hoping to feel grown up with a coffee table too.

  9. Great color and love the new coffee table!

  10. Kim the room looks great! Love the new wall color! I have the duvet that matches your drapes, I love the pattern.

  11. I LOVE the coffee table and the extra storage is such a nice bonus! The room looks beautiful!

  12. Looks great! I’m trying to do the same thing – I have browns and yellows and I’m trying to move to grey and lighter and brighter – we painted the family room a very light grey a few months ago, and got light color wood laminate floors and I finally order new sofas just today in GREY!! can’t wait to see them – love your coffee table! too bad I think it would be too big for me.

  13. Beautiful job Kim, i love the coffee table, it has wonderful texture and that hidden storage is amazing.

  14. Beautiful job Kim, i love the coffee table, it has wonderful texture and that hidden storage is amazing.

  15. OMG, I have fallen in LOVE!!!! With your coffee table!!! It is GORGEOUS and I am running over to J and M to see how much and if I can afford it right now. My present coffee table is still beautiful but this one makes my heart SING!!! Your whole room looks gorgeous. I will be your newest follower. XO, pinky

  16. It’s really coming together beautifully. I love the scale you’ve used in the living room. Wonderful job!

  17. looking great! I’m loving texture over color so much these days! Little Bit from

  18. Such a beautiful space, Kim! I love your coffee table. 🙂

  19. So warm and inviting. Loving the grey! Yes, a bit of coastal is perfect every and any where!

  20. Beautiful room! I love the the coffee table and the curtains!

  21. Such a great living space I love the flow and open feeling, your color choices are great every room needs a little “sock it to me.” Did you notice how much your plant has grown since the last picture? I would love to have a plant like that but my dog thinks she’s a dinosaur and she would mow it down in an instant. Stop by for a blog visit and see what I’ve been doing in the kitchen…….

  22. Loving all the textures and the gray on the walls, Kim! Nicely done!
    xo Heidi

  23. LOOOOVE where you hide your magazines…I never throw one away unless it was trashy or something…good space saver!

  24. Beautiful room and new color…love the table, especially having that great storage!…and the PB drapes are beautiful…I so love that pattern.

  25. Looks amazing Kim – love the different textures!

  26. It’s looking beautiful, Kim. I love the way that you’ve kept some pops of red in the space – really adds life! Did you find your panels at a PB outlet? I was with a friend a PB over the weekend and she was drooling over the same ones, but the price was too steep for her.

  27. Very pretty, love the handwoven pieces!

  28. What a lovely color combo feels just right together!

  29. Gorgeous Kim!! The rooms flow great now from the kitchen and that coffee table is perfect with that galvanized tray and a few simple coastal accessories!

  30. Such a beautiful space you’ve created Kim! I just want to lounge on that sectional and dish about your pretty room! Love the accessories!

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  32. I love everything, especially the drapes. I have been debating incorporating them into my decor and after seeing your pictures, I’m taking the plunge. Thanks for the inspiration.


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