Brass is Back

Brass is Back
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Brass is Back…

I bet when you read that title you had images of Falcon Crest, Dynasty, Deloreans, shoulder pads, and big bangs flash across you mind! Hammertime!

Welcome to this week’s Pin-tastic Tuesday!

And I can’t believe I’m saying this but brass is back and it’s here to stay it appears.

Didn’t we all just change out our brass hardware and fixtures for anything other than brass? Luckily, for the most part, the new resurgence of brass is not the lacquered glossy brass of the 1980’s, but instead, it is the warm and mellow antiqued patina of much earlier eras.

Take a look at a few quite fashionable ways to use antiqued brass in your home décor today.

Brass is Back

Gregory Mellor

Brass is Back

House & Home

Brass is Back - Antiqued brass fixtures and hardware

Gregory Mellor

Brass is Back - modern brass book shelf

Unknown Original Source

Brass is Back - Brass lighting

The Woodlands

Brass is Back - Brass chase lounge by Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware

Brass is Back - Oly Studio Diego Console

Layla Grace

So what do you think? Are you loving the “new” trend or still not ready to embrace brass?

Calling all Pin-o-holics! Come join me on Pinterest & let’s pin something together!



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  1. On the fence with brass. In the second photo- that looks like a goat. is that a dog????

  2. Not sure how I feel about brass really. It’s traditional and I do still have some of it around the home, but I can’t see me running out to get more. Just one of those things I guess.
    Cheers, Gee

  3. Umm nope I don’t think I will be going to brass anything. Ugh. I still love my ORB and hope I will for a long time. Brass was big back in olden days, lol and I never liked it then. I do admit that the new brass, as in the faucets pictured above is ok, the shiny…nope nope

  4. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m totally ready to embrace it! I’m drawn to every example you have posted above (maybe with the exception of the kick plate in the white kitchen). I’m intentionally trying to eek it into our decor right now; I love the mix of warm and cool metallics all in the same room.

  5. In a word….eww! I definitely will not have anything brassy in my house. Just messes up the fresh clean vibe we’ve got going.

  6. You all are cracking me up with these comments! Brass is a hard one for me to swallow to, I must admit. I think anyone who grew up in the 70’s & 80’s is going to struggle with this trend. 😉

  7. Not in my house, sorry.

  8. HMMM I have brass lamps. Paid big bucks for them 25 years ago.
    Can’t seem to let them go. How do I make them look aged.

  9. I can’t believe that I’m saying it but I am loving the brass today. I hated it decades ago but for some reason, it’s really appealing to me this go ’round. I like just a hint of it just as you have shown in the images you found. I have loved seeing it on dark cabinets for hardware too!

  10. I’ve always loved brass (the patina not the shiny stuff). I love mixing cool tones with warm brass and woods. How cool would it be to not have stainless steal appliances but brass ones?!

  11. I dn’t love it or hate it. There is simply no place for it in this crazy house, especially right now…

  12. Yuck, no thank you to brass. Can you say 1970. Bell bottoms are not cool and neither is brass.

  13. Kim, I can’t go there. Years ago my husband switched all the door hardware (new doors too) to ORB and most furniture has nickel pulls. The silver-look feels nice. I have several Wilton Armetale pieces on display (not silver but it has the same look) and they look right at home.

  14. Oh boy this a tough one…..I might mix in brass here and there but I would never go bold with it, nice images though. Have a great day!

  15. I love the look of aged brass, especially when mixed with other metals. I have always been defensive over my brass elephant. He is going back on the bookcase.

  16. I am still not sure about brass…using a little here and there might be the way to go.

  17. Haha! We bought an older home about five years ago, and all the fixtures were brass. My husband wanted to replace them all but I said, just wait, brass will be back soon enough. Metal finishes go in cycles about every thirty years.
    I have always liked brass because it seems so nautical to me–it reminds me of ship fittings.

  18. I love the look of brass patina. This is more about hints of gold; not a reproduction of Donald Trump’s gilded home. Polished, patina-ed brass adds a warmth that I missed through the rubbed nickel and oil rubbed bronze years. (I installed both types of these fixtures in the last decade.) It does not have to be everywhere, but mixing metals creates a collected, character look for a home. The (non-shiny) brass on white with navy blue accents is sophisticated. I have been crazy about Kohler’s new faucets with this gold patina and think it would be wonderful in a powder room. Thank you for posting this! You have excellent eye for catching good design. It sure provoked a fun discussion.