Martha Stewart Crafts Etched Glass Vase

Martha Stewart Crafts Etched Glass Vase

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Have you considered what you will give to honor a special mom in your life? I can tell you that my mom loves fresh flowers! Though flowers are always nice to receive, how about adding a personalize custom touch to the vase? Let me show you how easy it is to make a beautiful Etched Glass Vase with amazing products from Martha Stewart Crafts by Plaid.

Martha Stewart Crafts Etched Glass Vase

The wonderful friends at Plaid Crafts sent me all the glorious craft goodies below! My jaw dropped when I opened the box! The quality of these products is amazing! You will be seeing several upcoming posts where I’ll be using more of these tools, paints and stencils! Today we’re keeping it simple and using just a few items. So if you love easy, simple crafts that look gorgeous then this one is for you!

Martha Stewart Crafts Haul bag

How to Make an Etched Glass Vase

Items you will need:

A plain glass vase

Martha Stewart Crafts Stencils

Martha Stewart Stencil Adhesive

Glass Etching Crème

Foam brush and rubber kitchen gloves

Clean the glass vase with glass cleaner to remove all traces of dirt and oil. Protect your surface area with an old towel.

Glass vase

I chose this Martha Stewart Crafts stencil called Tendrils. It comes in a pack of 3 stencil sheets measuring approximately 8 x 16 inches each. This collection contains 10 different designs in the pack! I’ll be using the dragonfly and the tendril pattern on the right.

Martha Stewart Crafts Tendrils Stencil

Step outside and spray the back side of the stencil with your Martha Stewart Stencil Adhesive. Spray your stencil well, but not so much that it’s dripping! Allow it to dry. This only takes about a minute. Using the stencil spray is imperative, because it allows you to form a tight seal against the glass. It is repositionable and removable and won’t leave a residue on the glass. I LOVE this product!

Martha Stewart Stencil Adhesive Spray

Press the stencil against the glass vase where you desire your design to be. I found it helpful to place the vase on top of an upside down bowl so it is elevate some.

Marths Stewart Crafts Stencil Tendrils

This part is important! Smooth out all the bubbles around your stencil edge. You don’t want the etching crème to leak under the stencil.

smooth out air bubbles

With your rubber kitchen gloves on, dip your sponge brush into the etching cream and gently tab a nice layer onto the stencil. Allow it to sit for 5 minutes or whatever time is instructed on the back of your etching cream container and be sure to follow the manufactures instructions. Etching cream can be found at any store that sells crafts.

How to Etch Glass

After the allotted amount of time, gently peel off your Martha Stewart Crafts stencil to reveal the design. Rinse your vase under cool water to remove all etching cream. Rinse your stencil off also. Dry your vase and reapply your stencil to a new area on your vase and repeat etching if you desire. I applied my stencil to the vase in 3 different areas and I never had to reapply my stencil spray, but feel free to add more spray adhesive if you think you need it.

Martha Stewart Stencils Etched Glass

Fill your Etched Glass Vase with flowers and admire the beautiful vase that YOU designed and made yourself! What mom wouldn’t want to receive something as lovely and special as this?

Mother's Day Flower Arrangement

To really impress mom and show off your Etched Glass Vase design, consider lining your vase with a large hosta or banana leaf before you insert your flower arrangement!

Mother's Day Flowers

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  1. The vase is beautiful! How lucky you are to have received all of these products to try! I can’t wait to see how you use more in future projects!!

  2. Kim,

    First I was jealous of you getting this supply package, but I have to say you certainly have put it to good use already. I have always been interested in trying to glass etch, but I thought it was too hard, you made it look doable and lovely! This is such a pretty gift for Mother’s Day or any other occasion. Great job! Can’t wait to see what else you come up with!

  3. I love this vase! I also love how you inserted the banana leaf to really show off the etched design! Etching is something I haven’t tried yet but really would like to sometime! Good job. 🙂

  4. How beautiful!!! I love those products too, such great quality! Love what you did, beautiful vase!

  5. Gorgeous!!!! I love this!

  6. Gorgeous and timeless! I love it


  7. This is such a lovely vase. Great project. Thanks for sharing.

  8. That turned out beautiful! All those Martha Stewart goodies make me drool!

  9. I’ve never thought of myself as someone who could attempt a Martha Stewart craft. But you, my friend, have made something so beautiful, yet so simple that even a caveman could do it! LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I could definitely see this in Martha Stewart Living 🙂

  10. What a beautiful finished product, and you made it look very easy to do – thanks for the great tutorial. I love the tip about the banana leaf too. Well done, all the way around!

  11. What a beautiful finished product, and you made it look very easy to do – thanks for the great tutorial. I love the tip about the banana leaf too. Well done, all the way around!

  12. That vase is adorable…perfect gift for Mom! I remember doing glass etching in my high school art class…many years ago! I need to try it out again…thanks for the inspiration!

  13. That is very feminine and pretty. I love that you can personalize the pattern too.

  14. What a gorgeous project!! I’ve got to try this!!

  15. Nice little way to deck out a vase. Very cool looking, I love the blue one 🙂 That picture with the flowers is gorgeous!

  16. Oh just stunning! I’ve yet to try any etching cream but you made it look so easy!

  17. Gorgeous! I’ve tried two etching cream projects so far and I was surprised to learn just how easy it is to use. It’s amazing what it can accomplish in so little time! I love the tip about adding a banana leaf to show of the etching. Beautiful project and lucky you for having all these goodies to play around with for Mother’s Day 🙂

    Claire @

  18. It’s so pretty Kim. And your pictures are beautiful!

  19. Oh my… this looks amazing! LOVE!


  20. Your vase turned out beautifully! Fabulous start on making a dent in all those supplies!

  21. Gorgeous!!!! And I love your tip about adding a large leaf inside the vase to show off the designs too.

  22. It’s beautiful, love it and the flowers!

  23. Oh wow! That is incredible! I saw something like this in a decorating book once – it looked so complicated! This looks relatively simple 🙂 – and so pretty!

  24. Such a beautiful job!! Mean

  25. Beautiful. I have wanted to try something like this, but never jumped in. Now you have me thinking about it again.

  26. so so pretty. and it really does look pretty simple. i think i just might have to try it.

  27. so so pretty. and it really does look pretty simple. i think i just might have to try it.

  28. I really love the subtlety of this vase – beautiful and simple! Awesome!

  29. I was SO excited to see that you were featured on Plaid’s website and daily email for this beautiful project. Congratulations, you deserve it!

  30. Gracias esta hermoso. Dígame, por favor si viene la plantilla con el abecedario para grabar el nombre de la mama y personalizarlo.
    En cuales tiendas de New York puedo comprar estos productos?
    Gracias por estos trabajos ten elegantes.

  31. dear sir.
    it’s a wonderful work ,can u help me to know how can i get or buy all this glass each tools please. coz am living in Iraq .thank u 4 ur help.


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