Pottery Barn Inspired Noel Tutorial

Pottery Barn Inspired Noel Tutorial
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Pottery Barn inspired noel sign
 The blogosphere is loaded with Pottery Barn inspired goodies this season, especially their Noel letter sign. And with each blog viewing, I thought to myself, “Hey, I can do that!”.  Let’s make a Pottery Barn Inspired Noel Sign for the family room! So the search began for ginormous letters to mount on my wall. Huge letters, I found, were more than I wanted to spend so I found some nice sized 9″ MDF letters at Michaels . MDF Classic Font Wood Letters & Numbers 9.5
Pottery Barn Inspired NOEL sign tutorial
One of the things I love about these letters is the rich look of depth to the letters. To create your own faux, weathered-wood look, you’ll need some acrylic paints in Raw Umber and Crimson, or whatever colors you like.
Paint the letters first with the Raw Umber and while they are still tacky and not yet dry….
…go over them with the Crimson. Blend, add some paint, take away, smudge with a paper towel, and have fun until it looks something like….
…THIS! See all that beautiful depth and faux-woody goodness? That’s what you’re going for here. If you keep messing with it while it’s wet and still drying, you’ll get this rich gorgeous look.
When your letters are completely dry, arrange them how you want on a piece of cardboard. Place another piece of cardboard on the front of the letters and flip ’em over like a cake. Now you are ready to glue your letters in place.
Take your glue gun and fill all the gaps of your letters with hot glue. Never underestimate the power of your hot glue ladies! Goop it on…and it will hold.

When your glue is set, simply place a few strategic nails on your wall and voila! Cute sign that cost you the price of your letters and a bit of your time.

Pottery Barn Inspired NOEL sign tutorial by Sand & Sisal
Add some poinsettias, a candle, and you have yourself some gorgeousness!
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  1. I adore PB…but I LOVE LOVE LOVE a PB knockoff tutorial. 🙂 Great job my dear. It had me at hello.


  2. On my “to do” list!

  3. You did a fabulous job! I think I might even like yours better than the original. 🙂

  4. Oh, I love this idea! Very nice! ♥

  5. I love the texture the letters have. Came out very nice.

  6. hi…stopping over from the lettered cottage. LOVE this! i love the depth you gave to those letters…now i’m wondering what word i could do now that Christmas is over. hmmm…..

  7. Bear hugs and butterfly kisses to you, my friend!
    SUCH a great tutorial!


  8. Love this idea.. gonna try it with a couples name for a wedding gift

  9. Pure fabulousness!

  10. it.looks.SPECTACULAR!!!

  11. I love this sign – I am definitely making something like this for Christmas. I really like how dimensional the letters are!

    ~Jenna, SAS Interiors

  12. Love your PB knockoff.

  13. I just finished painting the letters. It looks good so far. how long does it take the paint to dry?

  14. Love the letters! They look like real wood! Thanks for sharing!

  15. i just bought my letters yesterday to try this! can’t wait!

  16. Karen M. says:

    Lovely. I actually bought real wood letters as I liked the look better, but my paint covered up the wood grain. I’ll wait and see how they turn out when dry but overall, I am absolutely thrilled and I know this project will look great!!

    • Karen M. says:

      UPDATE: Beautiful, incredible, looks professional! I am excited to hang it up this coming Christmas. My whole project (minus my time and labor) cost me less than $15.00. Can’t beat that!

  17. Anonymous says:

    You inspired me !

  18. I’m going to really try to do this cheap, and make letters out of card board! Excited to see if I can create the same effect!

  19. I’ve been looking for letter idea like this to spell out our last name down our Christmas Tree. Really think this would work, color & all. THanks!!

  20. Kim, how long between each coat? I know that room temp will play into it, but, I’m having some issue. 🙂

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  22. I sure feel sad for people who aren’t crafty. It’s so easy to save money on these expensive decor items. Thank you!

  23. Angela Michels says:

    Rarely EVER do I look an someone’s entire blog, nor do I ever leave a comment but your work is so lovely! You are very creative!

  24. I love this idea for teachers, the bus driver, etc, people I don’t know well enough to know their personal hobbies, etc. I’ll make ‘2015’ in gold or silver for Hanukkah gifts. great idea!

  25. I love how you made these look like wood grain. Fabulous project.


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