My Boys’ Beach Themed Bathroom

My Boys’ Beach Themed Bathroom
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The boys’ beach themed bathroom is finally finished! The bathroom is small so finishing it should have been faster but, like your home I’m sure, it was just one thing on a huge list of “To-Do’s”. We started by painting the room in a Benjamin Moore/Pottery Barn color called Atmospheric. This color is amazing. It’s in our playroom also. The color is a grayed out blue that changes in different light. I love when color does that!

Beach Themed bathroom

My two boys share this bathroom and if you have little boys then you share my pain! Little boys (and big ones) never seem to be aware that the big long bar attached to the wall is for their towels! No, the floor seems to be a much more attractive destination for wet towels. So I told myself if I make the towel bars more interesting then MAYBE, just maybe a towel will inadvertently land there. We removed the boring builder grade, plastic towel rod and replaced it with three boat/dock cleats. I ordered them online through a marine supply website.

boat cleat towel rod

Isn’t this a fun nautical look? The boat cleat towel bars were inexpensive and the cleats themselves can be used as a towel hook if the boys are too lazy to hang the towels on the ropes.

cleat and rope towel rod

Next I tackled the plain mirror. I made a frame out of pvc base board molding and then decorated the frame with glass and stone mosaic tiles. Click on the tutorials below if you want to learn how to make your own framed mirrors.

1)  How to Frame a Mirror    2)  How to Decorate a Mirror with Tile

Decorate a Mirror with Tile

I’d really love to paint the maple cabinet but I can’t see to convince “The Man” that it would look great! He’s very against painting wood (don’t worry ladies, I’m working on him).

Beach Themed Bathroom

And the shower curtain is quilted white cotton. The small square quilting complements the small squares of the tile mosaic on the mirror, helping the different textures of the room pull together.

quilted white shower curtain

This little beach shack found at Home Goods was just irresistible.

Beach Bungalow (949x1024)

The wood beach sign was also found at Home Goods. Though it really should say “Rinse Beach Sand Here”, because it’s pointing at the shower. And boy does that shower collect a ton of sand!

Wood Beach Sign

And you have to have a few starfish around a beach themed bathroom, right?


I’m so glad to finally have the boys’ beach themed bathroom done and now it’s off the start the girls’ bathroom!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share my spaces with you!


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  1. It looks great, I love beach inspired rooms! I usually paint first and ask later! Good luck, Debbie

  2. so fun! I love the towel rack…very clever!!!

  3. I love it! Especially the towel rack, very clever 🙂

  4. That turned out fantastic! It really makes me miss home! I grew up in Pungo, Virginia and was just minutes from the beach. I miss it so! I am just adoring your boat cleat towel rack. What a wonderful idea!

  5. Kim that color is to die for, now I have to repaint my bedroom thanks! I tried so hard to find a grey/blue/green that I loved and unfortunately ended up with something too blue but it’s livable. Notes taken on your BM atmospheric, thank you very much.

  6. Your bathroom turned out beautiful. I really like the tile you added to the mirror.

  7. Oh, I’d DEFINITELY paint the maple cabinet! I think it’d look great distressed white 😉 Just tell your hubby that not a lot of people will be brave enough to venture in a boys bathroom anyway so you might as well try it…ha ha!

  8. Such a cute bathroom. Love the unique towel racks!

  9. How lovely. And I wish I had seen that little house at Home Goods.

  10. Super cute!! Love the towel “rods!” Such a great idea!!

  11. Where did you find the Cleat hooks for your towel rack? I can’t seem to find them for reasonable price anywhere!

    • I googled boat cleats and several marine supply sites came up. I don’t remember which one I chose though. These cleat ran around $4-$6 a piece if I remember right.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I’m about to do the same for my kids bathroom. Love the boat cleat idea and will be stealing it for my re-do. Thx for the ideas and great looking bathroom. So fun!!!

  13. I would like to tile the Mirror in my bathroom, will the tiles be too heavy? I’m starting from the same point you did except mirror is rectangle over the full length of a double vanity. I’m concerned that the tiles will be too heavy & cause the mirror to pull away from the wall. I plan to use a similar tile as you selected but will probably opt for three rows given the size of the mirror. Your thoughts? Have you had any issues following your project?

  14. I only did two rows of tile because that is all that would fit in the center of the molding. Any more and I too might be concerned about weight. But the adhesive tape guarantees a very large amount of weight per inch. So it might be fine too. A very permanent option you could try would be to apply liquid nails adhesive to the back of the frame. The largest frame I’ve done (without tile) is in my daughters’ bead board bathroom (the post is in my DIY gallery) and it is between 6-7 ft.

  15. Have you applied tile directly to a mirror? Or only on a frame/ molding? I was leaning toward right on the actual mirror. Do you have thoughts either way? Do you feel a frame portrays a more polished upgrade vs directly on the mirror? I just want durable & secure and am willing to go either direction. 🙂 thanks!

    • Applying directly to a mirror shouldn’t effect the strength of the mirror that I could see. I haven’t seen it done yet without a frame, I think because mirrors don’t hide anything. So what ever adhesive you choose will be seen. Also, the tiles come on a mesh backing which you don’t want to see. The mesh is hidden on a white frame but not when directly on a mirror.

  16. Hi Kim, just returned from Lowes – sad to share they no longer carry Seabreeze mosaic tiles and it wasn’t showing in their system for possible special order. They did pass along American Olean the manufacture/ distributor and suggested I contact them. lowes was carrying a plethora of neutral, coffee, amber, black/ gray & white tones but nothing close to the palet of Seabreeze. Logistics may be a factor, we are up here in Mill Creek, WA. I’ll continue my search for something in those tones, then start the project. Thank you for your guidance!


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