Coastal Family Room and Fireplace Makeover

Coastal Family Room and Fireplace Makeover

August 10th marks the one year anniversary of our home flood that destroyed our kitchen and familyroom. It also marks the very last nail that I drove into the wall to complete our beautiful Coastal Family Room and Fireplace Makeover! IT IS FINALLY FINISHED! Celebrate with me! I’m so unbelieveably excited to show you the family room and the new DIY wood beam mantel and marble herringbone fireplace that we built ourselves! The room’s style is a combination of classic coastal chic with a relaxed vibe of natural, rustic elements, that doesn’t take itself to seriously.
Coastal Family Room and Fireplace Makeover. One year after a flood, come see what we did to reinvent this space! Built-in bookcases and a DIY wood beam mantel with marble herringbone tile surround, give this room a relaxed yet classic coastal chic feel.

If you forgot, here is a reminder of what the previous fireplace looked like. The fireplace itself was huge. It was not proportional for the room height. The mantel was nearly 6′ tall! I tolerated the brick which I whitewashed the year before, but the overall look of the fireplace was just too traditional and formal for our taste. So we ripped out the brick hearth, mantel, and surround and had our contractor lower the gas insert to floor level.

Fireplace demolition

After letting our contractor go… ahem… I decided we could build a fireplace surround and mantel ourselves. I mean why not? They wanted to charge me $1500 for a very plain and traditional looking mantel. Ummm, no… time to get our DIY big girl pants on! So I chose a beautiful marble herringbone tile and got to work. (click the pic below to learn how to install a marble herringbone surround).

Fireplace Makeover part 1 - Installing a Marble Herrinbone Fireplace Surround

Here it is! I’m in love! We still need a rug, but we’re doing a bit of puppy-sitting this summer so I think I’ll wait until that is over before I buy a new rug. 😉

Coastal Familyroom - White Builtin Bookshelves

Later this week I will give a full tutorial on how we built the DIY Wood Beam Mantel and the surround but in the meantime this post will simply be lots of eye candy.

Coastal Familyroom and Fireplace Makeover

Coastal Familyroom Makeover

The wood beam is made from red oak, stained with Minwax’s Weathered Oak Stain. The fisheye mirror is from Ballard Designs but it was a bit too brassy gold so at the last minute I painted it white and then sanded off the paint to reveal the gold underneath.

DIY Wood Beam Mantel

Fisheye Mirror - Coastal Mantel

Coastal Familyroom Makeover

Wood Beam Fireplace Mantel

We are thrilled with how our coastal familyroom and built-in bookshelves turned out. I have to give mega kudos to the hubs for making that crown molding look so amazing. We had our cabinet maker paint the backing of the bookcases the same color as the walls: Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams.

Coastal Familyroom with Builtins and Wood Beam Fireplace

Tonight we are popping the cork on a bottle of champagne and celebrating the END of a very stressful year that brought many tears, hot tempers, frustration, inconvenience, resolution, creativity, design risks, a whole lot of patience and in the end perseverance towards a house that we can completely call OUR OWN!

Wood Beam Mantel - Coastal Fireplace

Who knew God would grant me a struggle so that I would learn to trust Him through it all and that the a solution would be more beautiful than I ever imagined! I want to that all of you who have endured this journey with us… all my whining and complaining and to be honest…. neglect of the blog. It’s been a hard year but I’m excited to have my home back, better than ever, and start living again without sawdust…. well, maybe just a little less sawdust. 😉



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  1. It’s so gorgeous Kim!! Love it all.

  2. Pat Kessler says:

    The makeover is stunning. Now you can kick back and enjoy your beautiful new space.

  3. Just incredibly beautiful!

  4. Joanne Willcox says:

    You have such a gift!!!! Love seeing your home…

  5. Joanne Willcox says:

    I do have a question…..did you paint your fireplace trim? Did it used to be brass? And what kind of paint did you use (if you did)?
    We are redoing our family room and have brass trim around the fireplace…
    Thanks again…

    • Hi Joanne! No,we did not paint it. It is the same gas fireplace insert as we had before which was black. You can spray paint your existing brass trim if you want. All you need to do is tape and mask off all the glass and anything that you don’t want exposed and then spray paint it with Rustoleum high heat black spray paint. I’ve used it on my outdoor fire pit and it is awesome.

      • Joanne Willcox says:

        Thank you….we will have to paint it black….We just painted our family room “Silvermist” , a Sherwin Williams color and our bath is “Comfort Gray”… husband loves the colors!!!
        Thanks again!!

  6. Your home is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Love the mirror. Do you mind sharing where it is from?

    • Thanks Susan! The mirror is from Ballard Designs. It’s normally a very bright brass color but I painted it white and then sanded off some of the white paint to reveal the gold underneath. The fisheye mirror is fun and different.

  8. I love the new clean look and the new tile is awesome!

  9. such a gorgeous room. the sweat equity was definitely worth the beautiful outcome. enjoy that room…and the champagne.

  10. WOW absolutely stunning, Kim!! And that kitchen?? Pinned it for me for my next house!! XO

  11. Kim, this is stunning! I know we spoke about your flood but maybe these are a silver lining a beautiful living room and kitchen. I LOVE it all! That herringbone has me drooling. One day maybe I’ll figure out what to do with our fireplace. I can’t decide if we should just paint the brick or do stone or retile. xx

    • Thank you Danielle! I’m so happy with how everything has turned out. I know that it never would have happened if it weren’t for the flood, so that certainly was the silver lining in this ordeal. It was so nice visiting with you at Haven!

  12. The kitchen looks like it turned out just the way you wanted! Beautiful. Also wanted to thank you for such a great class at the Haven, it was my last class and one of my favorite.


  13. Amber C. Johnson says:

    Eye candy for sure! Everything looks just right together, and the rooms– family and kitchen–have a light, bright, open look. I especially like the fireplace tile surround, the kitchen backsplash wall, and the gorgeous paint color. You should be very proud of yourself.

  14. Simply stunning! I absolutely love what you’ve done and I adore your tastes! You’ve been so very brave! Well done! Reading your blog makes me want to try my hand at stuff and it inspires me to decorate!
    Making the Most of Every Day

  15. Great makeover, you gained extra space in your room, this way is much better. I am just wondering how often you use your fireplace and what is your experience with new one.

  16. Gorgeous! Where are the gold frames from? And what are the prints inside?

  17. I LOVE your style! It matches mine exactly. This is absolutely gorgeous! What kind of treatment did you use on the ceiling? We will be taking our beach condo off of the rental market next year and live there full time. Needless to say, we will have to renovate everything. You have given me so many great ideas. Thanks!

    • Thank you Karen for the kind comment! All the ceilings in our home have a swirled plaster finish. All we did was paint them “ceiling white” from Sherwin Williams.

    • We are in the final stage of designing our beach condo remodel. I am trying to choose a color for my walls. I love the soft neutrality of yours. What is the color?

  18. Melissa Michalski says:

    Kim, Love your makeover!! What color are the walls in your family room and kitchen?
    Thanks! Melissa

  19. Hi Kim,

    Where did you find your rattan coffee and end tables? Love your style!


  20. Where did your couches come from? I’m having a hard time finding something that blends pet friendly, my husband’s desire for reclining, and still be attractive.

    • Hi Susan! The sectional is from Pottery Barn. We did a ton of research about sectionals before we bought this one and hands down, PB won. It is made just miles south of me in NC. We are so pleased with it. You won’t be disappointed.

      • Being a coastal native and now living in Idaho, I am loving your coastal home! I see you bought your couches from Pottery Barn; what color and fabric are they? I’ve been searching for months and everything I find is either too yellow or too brown, and yours are perfect! Thanks Kim!

  21. Hi, I absolutely love your living room!
    I’m just wondering where you got the oversized vase that sits on the mantel?

  22. I LOVE your style! I am copying your fireplace to the T. I am looking at the tile, but it’s hard to tell the size of them. The herringbone that I found is 1″x3″ and is natural stone. Thank you

  23. Hi Kim, I love your costal makeover! Great job!! I will be painting 3 rooms in “Sea Salt” this weekend. May I ask where you purchased your sofa?


    • Thank you so much Jaime!!! We are so happy with how the house is coming together. Sometimes I want to pinch myself! The sectional is the Pearce Sectional from Pottery Barn. We did a ton of research before buying a sectional and found the PB one to be the best quality for the price. It’s made in NC and has held up really well over the years with 4 kids and pets.

  24. I love the redo! I also want to lower my gas fireplace to the floor, but my contractor is saying don’t bother because it is way too expensive. Do you mind sharing the cost of lowering the inset to the floor?

    • Hi Jen! I’m sorry, but I don’t have an exact figure. Since we were paying our contractor a lump sum for installing the kitchen and familyroom. It did involve putting in a new header above the fireplace, lowering the vent on the outside of the house and replacing the vinyl siding in that area outside. A plumber has to move the gas line and the electrical had to be moved down also. The contractor put in the cement board but hubs and I did all the tile work and built the mantel and surround, which saved us about $2000. I don’t regret lowering it at all though. I love the new fireplace!

      • Okay thanks, we just built our home and I said I wanted the fireplace raised off the floor but didn’t realize how high that would make the mantel and now I hate my bulky fireplace but it’s sounds like alot of work to move it now so we may just live with it and change just the wooden mantel surround.


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