Valentine’s Day Table Setting with Envelope Napkin Fold

Valentine’s Day Table Setting with Envelope Napkin Fold

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and if you need new inspiration on how to decorate and entertain this holiday then you have found it! This week I’m participating with 28 bloggers in the Styled + Set Holiday Entertaining Blog Tour hosted by Designthusiasm. If you are coming over from So Much Better with Age, welcome! Today I’m sharing my Valentine’s Day Table Setting with Envelope Napkin Fold


In past years, I’ve chosen Valentine’s Day decor with a very neutral, soft, and subtle color scheme, but this year will be filled with traditional bright and bold, red, white and pink! The table is set for Valentine’s Day dining. My family enjoys a fun Valentine’s breakfast of strawberry crepes, heart shaped pancakes, or chocolate raspberry Valentine croissants.  

Valentine's Day Tulip Bouquet

Our grocery store had a fabulous deal on tulips so I bought up bunches in creamy white, bright red and varigated deep pink.

Did you know that tulips are very phototropic? This means they are stimulated by light and will keep growing towards the light. So when you make a flower arrangement with tulips, plan on cutting the stems a bit shorter because they will continue growing 1/2 – 1 inch taller in just 24 hours. Rotate your arrangement daily to help the stems maintain a more upright position. 


To make the tulip arrangement even sweeter I added M&M’s! 

Valentine's Tulip Bouquet with M&M's

Don’t worry, this chocolate is not going to waste. You can eat the candy when the flowers have faded. My kids have been caught with their hands in the vases, sneaking the chocolate. 

Valentine's Tulip and M&M Flower Arrangement

The table runner is from HomeGoods and the cute little gold XOXO’s on the table are a great Target dollar spot find. 

Easy Valentine's Day Decor - Candy Filled Vase

Making a Valentine’s Day tulip and candy bouquet couldn’t be simpler! All you need is a large glass vase, a smaller glass vase or drinking glass and several bags of M&M’s, red hots, or candy sweet hearts. Place the drinking glass inside the vase and then pour the candy in the open space between the glass and the vase. Slowly and carefully fill the glass half way with water and then add your flowers. 

Valentine's Day Tulip and Candy Bouquet

I’ve been having fun with creative napkin folds lately. Did you see my Christmas Tree Napkin Fold video tutorial? This cute little Envelope Napkin Fold is even easier to do! 

Click HERE for the Easy Valentine Envelope Napkin Fold Video Tutorial.

Valentine's Day Place Setting with Envelope Napkin Fold

Valentine's Day Table

 The napkins are folded into an envelope shape and are sealed with a little heart sticker. 

Valentine's Day Table Setting with Envelope Napkin Fold

When my family goes to unfold their napkins they will find a personalized little Valentine tucked inside. 

Valentine Tablescape with Envelope Folded Napkin

Valentine's Day Table Decor

I hope you liked the red, white and pink Valentine’s Day Table Setting! Next up on the tour is the very talented Randi Garrett Design! All the links are provided for you below if you want to catch up on the blog tour.


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  1. Kim, what a bright and fun table! When our kids were young, we loved to a have a special Valentine’s breakfast. The napkin fold is brilliant, I love the envelope, and that there is a personal Valentine inside is so sweet. It’s a joy to be on the Valentine Entertaining Tour with you. Xo Lidy

    • Thank you Lidy! I’ll be sharing a video tutorial tomorrow (it’s so crazy simple). Your blog is beautiful and I’m so happy to be on this tour with you also! Have a wonderful week! ~ KIM

  2. Nancy Bremner says:

    What an inspiration Kim. We always had a special supper when everyone was home from school and work. I have been making homemade chocolate Eclairs as a treat for Valentine’s since 1977. We were broke and that was the way I could show my love for my husband and then subsequent family. My husband always bought everyone a Valentine’s present. Lots of red, candles, hearts and chocolate on that special day. Thank you for such an inspiring post. Nancy

    • You are so sweet Nancy! Making homemade eclairs? You are AMAZING! YUM! (PS- email me your recipe!). We have never really gone “ga-ga” on Valentine’s Day but I agree with you, sometimes it’s the little things like special eclairs, candles, and chocolates that help let the ones we love feel LOVED. Have a fabulous week Nancy! ~ KIM

      • Nancy Bremner says:

        I used to write a newsletter for a community and got heavily involved with writing a recipe page and then taking step by step photos. Many men and women of our community contributed to my monthly newsletter particularly the recipe page. The recipe section was a favourite page so here it is – enjoy. Easy peasy!
        Chocolate Éclairs
        I’ve been making this recipe for Valentine’s Day since 1977 – I was frightened to
        do such a dish (I was so young back then and only married for 2.5 years) but
        they turned out marvellously. Over time I have deviated from the recipe and just
        beat the heck out of everything until shiny and not had any failures yet.
        Heat oven to 375ºF.
        Boiling water – 1 cup (250 ml)
        Butter (or margarine not diet) – ½ cup (125 ml)
        Salt – ¼ tsp (1 ml)
        Flour (all purpose) – 1 cup (250 ml)
        Eggs – 4
        Put boiling water, butter, and salt in a medium size saucepan over high heat.
        When the water and butter (which has melted) have come to a brisk boil, turn
        heat low. Immediately dump all the flour into the pot and with a wooden spoon or
        spatula, begin beating (this is where I cheat and use an electric mixer on low).
        As you beat the mixture the flour and water will form dough that pulls away from
        the sides of the pot and forms a ball. Remove from heat and continue beating for
        2 minutes. Add eggs one at a time beating well until mixture is thick again and
        batter has a satin-like sheen.
        Onto ungreased baking sheets place the dough about 2 inches apart. I use two
        spoons to shape into an oblong shape about 4 inches or a bit more long. This is
        tricky because the dough is sticky but it is worth making them as rounded,
        smooth, and symmetrical as possible. If you want an easier method just drop in
        large round spoonfuls to make “puffs.”
        Bake éclairs about 45 minutes or until golden and puffed – they get huge that is
        why I double this recipe to make bigger ones! Remove from oven and make a
        slit in side of each éclair (remember where you want to split the éclair so be
        careful where you put the slice). Bake 10 more minutes to be sure insides are
        dry. Remove and cool on cake rack.
        You can fill with whipped cream or pudding and whipped cream mixed together –
        whatever you fancy. Top with chocolate glaze.
        Chocolate Glaze
        Melt 2 sq unsweetened chocolate, 2 tbsp butter in 4 tbsp hot water in pot on
        double boiler or use very low heat in microwave watching not to scorch the
        chocolate. Remove from heat and add 1 ½ cups (375 ml) sifted confectioner’s
        sugar. Once the éclair is heaped inside with whipped cream put the lid on it and
        spoon chocolate over the éclair. These keep well in the refrigerator – can also
        freeze leftover ones and just warm until they are like fresh baked to make more

  3. Your table is simple and elegant, and I love these ideas! The tulips are gorgeous, and the vase with candy is very creative. Also love the napkins. You inspire me to take the time to show the ones I love that I really care. Thank you!

  4. I am in love with those napkins! What a darling idea!!! Everything is beautiful!!! Xo

  5. Love the little envelope napkins so much! And I’m thrilled to be doing this tour with you Kim!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!


  6. Kim, I love your envelope napkins! So cute – and those M&Ms wouldn’t last in my house! Clever idea!

  7. What a lovely display. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Kim, what a beautiful and festive floral centerpiece! Sweet it is!! I, too, usually do neutrals and went with some reds this year. Sometimes it’s fun to leave our comfort zone. Yours turned out to be a huge success… 🙂

  9. What a stunning and vibrant table, Kim! I LOVE the runner! It’s all so refreshing!!

  10. Gorgeous Kim!! I love your fun napkins and all the romantic touches you added to your table!! Wishing you a beautiful Valentine’s Day my friend! xo Heather

  11. So pretty, Kim! Those napkins are the BEST! Happy Valentine’s Day!
    Hugs, Jamie

  12. Beautiful tablescape – and I absolutely love those napkins!!! Wishing you a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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