A Sisal Obsession

A Sisal Obsession
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What is our obsession with sisal, jute, and sea grass?

The sisal in the Sand & Sisal homestead is well represented,

and thankfully, decorating trends for 2011 keep these natural fibers in the forefront.

Sisal rope ball -sand and sisal

Our homes are filled with sisal and sea grass baskets with varying colors and textures.

sidetable baskets

Organized pantry2

Rugs with combinations of sisal, jute, and sea grass adorn our floors.

Pottery Barn has earned it’s fair share from me with my 4 rugs of varying sizes.

PB Sea Grass Rug

I LOVE THEM! They clean up like no body’s business!!

Example:  My little sister Beth-The Stories of A2Z flipped an ENTIRE pan of lasagna onto my dining room 9×12 PB rug,

but it cleaned up so beautifully and it today you’d never know it! (I still love her).

Sisal accessories are covering the magazine pages this season.

Ballard Designs is featuring the fuzzy jute twine pears.

I seriously considering making these pretty pears but I’m not sure I’m that patient.

Jute Twine Pear- Ballard Designs

Adding touches of sisal to your home adds texture and an earthy softness to a room.

A few plain lampshades received a sisal trim.

This only took ten minutes to complete and the results add a beachy feel to the room.

gluing the sisal shade


Ballard Designs has this cutie Rope Knot Doorstop, it’s a cast iron ball wrapped in sisal rope.

Ballard's Sisal Ball

Well I couldn’t resist to duplicate it!

I searched the garage for an old ball (having 4 kids, I knew I’d find SOMETHING).

A wiffle will work!

I always have my sisal rope on hand, and glue guns on stand by, so the gluing began.

gluing sisal ball

I started with rows of 3 but next time I’d try rows of 4, alternating in various directions.

sisal ball start

He was finished off with a loop that was simply pushed into an open wiffle ball hole.

Sisal Rope Ball

All materials I already had on hand so no money was spent!

He’s not going to hold any doors open but I love his chunky round self!

So I think it’s safe to say that sisal is here to stay!

Tell me about your favorite sisal, jute, or sea grass item in your home, I love to hear from you.


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  1. I love this post! Great ideas here. I am going to copy the lamp. That looks great…and your pantry – wow!!!

  2. I love the rope knot thingy!!! And you handled my lasagna mishap so much more graciously than I would have ;).

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love your pantry, Kim! It looks awesome!

  4. I love your knotty wiffle ball, very cute.
    The IKEA jute rug under my dining chair is my favourite – hides a multitude of sins;o)

  5. SO cute, and I was laughing out loud at the thought of Beth dumping an entire lasagna on your rug…just imagining both your faces! Oh Lord! I’m glad it came up, but I bet not as glas as you and Beth were! 🙂

    Have a great day girly!

  6. I just ordered and received a jute rug from PB. It was the only place that carried a round rug that would fit in the corner of my great room with the furniture on an angle. In the summer I like to replace wool rugs with sisal. Can you tell us what you used to clean up Beth’s lasagne with?

    BTW…I love the organization of your pantry and the little ball is so cute!


  7. Kim I love your knot ball, even though that sounds weird. 🙂 It looks just like Ballard’s too. Well done girl!

  8. I’ve seen this in Ballard’s catalog and thought of making it too but couldn’t figure out how. Well now I know! Thanks!! Yours looks great!



  9. Thank you everyone! To answer Blondie’s Journal’s question. All my PB rugs are made of Sea Grass. Those clean up great. The jute and wool combo rugs DO NOT. When the lazanga flipped over, I immediately scraped up as much as possible, even using a pointed knife to get into the cracks. Then with a wet towel, blotted up the rest. I poured club soda over the tomato stain, let it sit a few min, then blotted it up. I repeated this about 3 times. There is ZERO sign of any stain today. I love the sea grass,it’s so durable, especially with kids and pets!

  10. This looks exactly like the on at Ballards. Great job!

  11. Oh Kim, i just love your rope knot..I’m definitely going to try it! I also like the sisal trim you put on your lamp. I’ve used sisal to wrap around my candles.I wrap it around about a third of the candle and use a straight pin at the beginning and the end. Even if I didn’t live near the beach, I would still love the “beachy” feel and texture sisal gives to everything. Good post!

  12. Wow! You have been the busy one. I love all of your beachy touches Kim and I’ve always wanted one of those knots.


  13. Kim – Love the natural element of sisal jute and sea grass – fabulous updates. Love the ballard knot. Genius to glue the roping on! The monkey fists just look way to hard to figure out. This is perfect! Thanks so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase – I greatly appreciate it. I’ll be featuring this today. Hope you have a wonderful week ~ Stephanie Lynn

  14. OMG! I just saw the rope ball in the Ballard catalog and was thinking so hard about it. But just could not justify the cost! What a clever girl you are!! Thanks.;)

  15. I love. Love. Love. Great way to use your inspiration from the catalogs! I love sisal too… my home is beachy and naturals are they way to go!

    Thanks SO SO MUCH for joining my linky party! We have the Sunday Blog Parade every sunday, so stop by, link up and spread the word!

    Lindsay@ A Design Story

  16. Great Post! So nice to have another sisal obsessed person! I have sisal, seagrass, and jute in my entire house, it is everywhere! I made monkey fist key chains, but haven’t tried the large one yet, it is on my list. Well Done!

  17. Hi Kim…love your projects AND your blog! Where do you get your sisal rope??

  18. Hi Susan! Thank you so much! I buy my sisal rope at Home Depot or Lowe’s. They both have a variety of sizes to choose from.

  19. Hi Kim,
    I am loving things sisal and jute too! I am on the search for an inexpensive sisal rug for the living room, and I just did a project using jute string a couple of weeks ago. Turned out great! Check it out here: http://wraparoundmyhead.blogspot.com/2012/06/weekend-re-hash.html

  20. Kelly's Cove Girl says:

    Love these ideas. I have decorated our home in coastal style since living 2 blocks from the beach (lucky us!). I too have liked the Ballard rope knot doorstop, but thought the price too high.
    I’m going to attempt a DIY on that project…off to Home Depot I go 🙂
    BTW, just bought yards and yards of burlap online and am going to make my own pole top curtains. I’ll use rope for the tie-backs and for the holders I have black cast iron anchor design holders.
    LOVE decorating in coastal style…it makes me so happy and relaxed.

  21. I love your website and all of the beautiful beachy touches 🙂 i just tried to make a door stop out of a tennis ball and manilla rope; it came out beautiful but is a paperweight rather than a door stop! Oh well… I still love the texture – it looks a lot like your rope knot here! (http://mrsbomb.com/1400/weighted-monkeys-fist-knot)

    • Hi Helen! Thank you so much! I just hopped over and checked yours out! You did an amazing job on it. I wish I had done more research on how to make it more authentic, but oh well, next time! Thanks for all your kind comments and support! I appreciate it! ~ KIM

  22. Suzanne Sheppard says:

    I seriously love your ideas and posts. I did the pears and painted them green. They came out great. My next project is the seaglass mermaid but on a smaller scale. Keep up the fantastic posts.


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