FIRST for Women Magazine Features Sand & Sisal

FIRST for Women Magazine Features Sand & Sisal
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Someone pinch me quick! If I could do a back flip I would, but that’s not about to happen, so let’s just say I’m really excited ok?  I’ve been anxiously awaiting for several months to share with you that my Laundry Room Makeover has a two page feature spread in FIRST for Women Magazine!

Sand & Sisal in First Magazine

Back in May, one of the editors of FIRST came across my laundry room on Pinterest, tracked me down and asked if they could feature the laundry room for the fall. After several phone conversations and emails, the article in the October 1, 2012 issue of FIRST was set! The girls at FIRST were great to work with and nice as can be. For some mysterious reason they did leave out the “Keeping it Real” picture though (hee, hee, hee).

 Sand & Sisal in First Magazine

If you want to see how this laundry room makeover came together, check out these posts:

Laundry Room Makeover

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Installing a Bead Board Ceiling

How to Install a Light Fixture

Laundry Room Makeover by Sand & Sisal

The October 1st issue of FIRST for Women is on the newsstands today! Thanks to everyone who pinned, shared, and featured the laundry room makeover over the past months! I truly appreciate it!



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  1. Yay!!!! Congrats sis! I’m so proud of you :)!

  2. congratulations! that is so so so exciting! aahhhh!

  3. Oh my gosh! How awesome is that?! Congrats! You should frame it and put it in your craft room. Start a wall;) The first of many!

  4. Congrats!! So very exciting!!

  5. Congratulations!!! So happy for you! 😀

  6. Congratulations, Kim! I am going out today and get a copy. They probably didn’t need to send a photographer out to your house to take pictures ’cause your photography is just gorgeous. This laundry room is fabulous!

  7. Congrats! Love the laundry room!

  8. How exciting, Kim! That is really fabulous, and it’s beautiful. Well deserved!

  9. Congrats on your magazine feature! Your laundry room is totally deserving of a magazine spread 🙂

  10. EEEEhhhhhh!!! How exciting! Congratulations Kim!
    Cheers, Gee

  11. Congrats Kim! It looks fabulous in print!

  12. Congrats Kim, I’m so happy to see you in a national magazine. Keep it up.

  13. Congratulations, Kim! Yippeee….I can’t do a backflip either so I’ll just do a pretend one and hope nobody gets hurt. So happy for you!

  14. OMG! I am so happy for you, Kim! I love this magazine and I can’t wait to get this copy. I love your laundry room, so bright, airy and clean!!


  15. Wahoo! Congratulations! And just for the record, I have it pinned!

  16. Oh how awesome is that?? Congratulations!

  17. What an amazing accomplishment! I will have to get the oct issue and ck it out!

  18. Congratulations!!! How very exciting for you!!! I can totally understand them wanting to showcase this in their magazine…I fell in love with your laundryroom and am near the end stages of transforming my own to look like yours!! Just walking into my laundryroom makes me happy!!! Thanks for sharing your talent with the rest of the world, Kim!!!


  19. Congratulations!! How exciting!

  20. Congrats!!…I have always loved your laundry room…A very well deserved feature!!! You must be so very excited!

  21. It stills looks awesome. Congrats to you!

  22. That’s so exciting! Congratulations Kim!

  23. Congratulations! It really is a beautiful space!
    Cheers! – Shelley

  24. Congratulations! I LOVE your laundry room and so happy it is getting such great recognition 🙂

  25. Congratulations! Well deserved, you worked hard and the room is beautiful! Enjoy and buy lots of copies, I’m sure you already have 🙂

  26. I always said you were magazine worthy! Whoo-hoo! Congrats!

  27. Congratulations, Kim! I’m so happy for you. How exciting and well deserved! I’ll pick up a copy the next time that I’m at the store.

  28. That’s awesome! So excited for you!

    -Erin @ DIY On the Cheap

  29. Your laundry room is like a peaceful oasis – so I love the title they put on the article! 🙂 Congratulations!

  30. Congratulations on your magazine feature! Your laundry room is gorgeous – you deserve it! 🙂

  31. Wonderful news. To be recognized for doing something you love…you can’t be any more blessed than that!!! And the room is gorgeous to boot!

  32. I am so proud and happy for you, Kim! Of course I love your laundry room makeover–it’s still my favorite! But to be featured in a print magazine? No matter how much we all love blogs, it’s a dream come true to be in a magazine, isn’t it? Woo hoo!

  33. Wahoo! So happy for you! Love your laundry room girl 🙂

  34. Congrats! Who wouldn’t want to do their laundry here. Beautiful!!

  35. Congratulations! It’s so beautiful…and definitely is magazine worthy! So excited for you. Megan

  36. Too cool!

  37. Congrats!! Love the clean look of your laundry room. :0)

  38. So happy for you!! You know everyone just loved this laundry room, myself included. It’s no wonder you caught a magazines eye 😉

  39. Kim this is so incredibly exciting!!!

  40. Congratulations on this feature! I just saw all of your posts related to this room and you guys did a great job. Well done and well deserved! Oh and thanks for the great ideas. 🙂

  41. CONGRATULATIONS! That is SO awesome! You deserve it girl!! Wowee, though, I can’t imagine having to keep that secret!

  42. Can someone please verify the color used in the magazine? I accidentally threw out my magazine and really wanted to use the color that was in the magazine. It is not the Sherwin Williams color that is mentioned on this website. The one in the First for Women magazine is a Benjamin Moore color. If you look close at the above photo you will see this. I think the color may have been Benjamin Turquoise Haze. Can anyone confirm this for me? Thanks!

    • The magazine listed color they wanted you to buy (it’s called an advertisement- BM Turquoise Haze). The magazine saturated the color in my photo and told me they would. The actual color can be seen in the laundry room post. I used Sherwin Williams Rainwashed. Understand that every person’s monitor will portray the color differently also and BM’s Turquoise Haze is just the closest to what they made it look like.

    • Thank you so much for this information; this is really helpful. I didn’t realize they did that.

    • You’re welcome 😉 I really wish mags didn’t do this, but I’ve seen quite of bit of it happening in the past few years. I’m happy you like the laundry room. Thank you!

  43. I LOVE the laundry room you designed; you are very talented. 🙂


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