10 Houseplants that Clean the Air

10 Houseplants that Clean the Air
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We had a wonderfully warm sunny day yesterday and I was able to open up the windows and let some much needed fresh air into our home.  Have you ever noticed how after months of such a cold winter, the air in the house seems to become stale? There is a very simple solution to improving the air quality in your home. It is houseplants!  I recently purchased several house plants that clean the air and thankfully they are also easy to grow and maintain.10 House Plants that Clean the AirMost homes have common volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the indoor air.  These toxins are found in emissions from paint, plastics, carpet, cleaning solutions, dry cleaning solutions, and many types of building materials. The following are the most commonly found:

  • formaldehyde: in carpets, upholstery, glues, paint, and more
  • trichloroethylene: in paint removers, rug cleaning solution, adhesives, and more
  • benzene: in plastics, synthetic fibers, lubricants, rubber, pesticides, and more.

There are several houseplants that will clean the air and filter out these chemicals naturally. Plant leaves are able to absorb pollutants and send them to the roots, where they become food for microbes. Let’s take a look at some of these air purifying plants. (Click your computer’s arrow keys for super easy browsing or click the arrow button above)

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  1. I have a few of the aforementioned… but I am going out to get a few more. Thanks Kim for this luvly and informative post!

  2. I’ve never thought of bringing Gerbers into the house. What a great idea. Mine grow in our flower bed all year long.

  3. I need to do more houseplants in my home Kim. The palm looks so pretty behind that chair and I just love the peace lilly. I use to have several of the “mother-in-law” tongues (not sure what its called) but I killed them.. I think I’m gonna try the palm like yours! Thanks so much girl for sharing! big hugs!

  4. I absolutely love those. I think I’ll have to invest in a couple majesty palms – they’d go perfectly in our living room! I also want to start some succulents in terrariums. With all the wood furniture and wood projects in our house, we need a touch of green!

  5. I had no idea all the extra benefits to indoor house plants. I always want to get some for our home, and Jon always veto’s it. I’m showing him your post ASAP! lol

  6. Be aware when you have house plants…make sure they are safe enough and out of the way for pets and small children. There is a reason the “Dumb Cane” (Dieffenbachia) is called a “Dumb Cane”. The white powder on the leaves and stems makes the tongue swell when it comes in contact with the mouth and possibly will adversely affect the eyes, etc. Many houseplants are poisonous/dangerous to children(and adults) and pets. Plants in general clean our air—indoors and outdoors. Just know what you have in your home and yard.

  7. I already have 2 of these because I love the look, but didn’t realize how they were helping clean the air in my home. Bonus!