9 Must Have Camellias

9 Must Have Camellias

Camellias are at their peak right now. If you don’t own any camellias, I highly recommend investing in a few. Camellias are slow growing evergreen bushes and can mature at heights ranging from a few feet to 25 feet tall. They have shallow roots and are easily transplant-able  When transplanting be sure to not bury the plant too deep. The top of the root ball should be just above level with the ground and covered with mulch. Now is a perfect time to plant them, before the warm temps move in. I’ve grouped together my recommended 9 Must Have Camellias. Which one would you love to have?

9 Must Have Camellias by Sand and Sisal

I’m especially fond of  white camellias because many varieties will bloom twice a year, once in the spring and and in the fall. They also stand out at dusk, almost glowing in the moonlight even.  Best White Camellias


1) “Chow’s Han-Ling” Camellia 

2) “Autumn Moon” Camellia

3) “Goggy” Camellia

Best Pink Camellias


1) “Masterpiece Pink” Camellia

2) “Mrs. Lyman Clarke” Camellia

3) “Fashionata” Camellia

Best Red Camellias


1) “Black Magic” Camellia

2) “Charlie Mason” Camellia

3) “Yuletide” Camellia

Camellias love acidic, well drained soil, and prefer a setting of half shade and half sun. They will do just fine in full sun as long as they are thoroughly watered in extreme heat.  But you will find thriving camellias under tall pines which is really where they prefer to be, (pine needles contribute acid to soil). Camellias are a rather low maintenance plants that can reward you with blooms for months!

Which is your favorite?  For more ideas check out my Gardening tab!

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  1. So pretty and I don’t have any of these 🙁 Loving the first graphic 🙂

  2. PS. where did you pinterest button go?

  3. I love Camelia’s. My favorites are white and pick. Would love to plant some soon, there are so many here where I live. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Camelia’s are beautiful! Do you know how they would do in the HOT sun of south Texas? I’ve never tried to grow them here due to the heat. They would be in shade and filtered sun most of the day, though…..I’ll have to check it out! Thanks!!~~Angela

  5. Camellias have been on my list to plant for the last couple of year — don’t know why I’ve waited!?! I love the white ones.
    xo Heidi

  6. Nancy@ ourtreasuredabode.blogspot.com says:

    I wonder if they would grow in SW Ok? I am always looking for evergreens. And with flowers that pretty, I’d love those. Hadn’t thought of them before though.

    • Kim Wilson says:

      It depends on which growing zone you live in. They do really well in zones 7,8,&9 but there are varieties that can take the cool temps of zone 6 & the heat of zone 10.

  7. i planted some purple camellias 2 end-of-summers ago and they were supposed to climb and bloom and have yet to grow. They still seem to be live as they still have green leaves. When should I expect them to start growing and blooming? Should I do something to help them?

    • Hi Karen,
      I’m not familiar with a climbing camellia to be honest, just the shrub/bush type. So I’m not sure I can answer your question. There could be many factors involved as to why they are slow to grow. They are rather slow growing plants in general. It depends on how large they were when you planted them too. I always recommend buying the largest you can afford. They love acidic, well drained soil and need a mix of sun & shade (morning sun is preferable). Hope that helps a bit. 😉

  8. The camellia you list as “Christmas” is actually one named and registered as “Yuletide”.

  9. Sandra Knight says:

    So happy to see the photo of the Dixie Knight camellia! She was my mother-in-law who passed away in Ocean Springs, MS in 2004. My Dixie Knight Supreme blooms here in Ocean Springs within a week or so of Valentine’s Day – which was her birthday. A lovely reminder of a beautiful lady.

    • Oh Sandra, what a wonderful attibute to have for your mother in law. The camellia is absolutely stunning, with it’s red stripes. I’m glad that blog post made you smile. Thanks so much for stopping by!