Maine Cottage Coastal Style

Maine Cottage Coastal Style
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When you think Coastal Decor what images come to your mind? Please don’t tell me pink flamingos and coconuts, or I’ll cry. My goal with Sand & Sisal is to share my love for the home and sea, and show how coastal does not mean going all “Margarita-ville”. Coastal decor incorporates classic design elements and softens the traditional with nature inspired color pallets, a mix of organic and natural textures, all which are wrapped up in a relaxed, comfortable combination. We still want to sip our fine wine, but be barefoot on the deck, right?

Let’s take a look at 3 different coastal decorating style collections for your home that range from muted seashell softness to vibrant tropical sunset hues. Every beautiful item is from one of the most fun home decor sites I’ve found in ages: Maine Cottage. They specialize in cottage furniture and accessories that you can customize with over 50 color choices, limitless possibilities!

Sea Breeze Neutrals- coastal style

Slip off those sandals and cozy into the soft sofa in this calm and cool Sea Breeze Neutrals themed collection. This Sea Breeze Neutrals collection that I created probably sums up the color scheme in my home. It’s a blend of cloudy sky blues, powder sand neutrals, sea foam whites and hues of golden sisal and soft driftwood beige. It also allows for pairing modern prints beside classic and traditional forms. (Sigh… see why I love it all! Aren’t you ready to come on over and join me on the deck for some sweet tea and sunshine?)
Sea Breeze Neutrals

Living along the coast also means living with thick marshes, rivers and waterways leading out to the ocean. This Coastal Marsh Cottage style incorporates the color and relaxed cottage approach to decor. Mossy greens reminiscent of tall sea grasses and cattails are paired with sunny, light filled yellows and touches of watery blues. The shapes are simple and casual with a cozy low country feel.

Coastal Marsh Cottage

The third coastal look is Ocean Sunset Style. Coastal colors are not exclusively a pallet of soft hues but also include the vibrant, saturated colors of sunrise and sunset and tropical sea glass. Incorporate natural woven grass fixtures and accessories and sea life prints, patterns, and graphics to speak as your coastal expression. Ocean Sunset keeps the pallet light with lots of white, and adds bursts of color to keep the vibe interesting and cheerful. If you currently have a more traditional crimson and gold color theme in your home and want to lean your look more coastal without a ton of change, then this style is an easy transition.

Ocean Sunset Bedroom

All the items you see in these 3 looks are completely color “customizable”! Maine Cottage has so many color and fabric choices. They make coordinating an entire room effortless, from the furniture to the fabric, to the accessories and art.

Maine Cottage

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Tell me which style do you like best? 


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  1. I like them all but I think the sunset is fun and my fav 🙂

  2. I love every single one of these! Your eye for design is stellar my friend xo

  3. Oh I love them all! Now does this mean I have to go take down the pink flamingos in my yard? 😉 LOL! I think my most favorite is the Coastal Marsh Cottage collection but truly it is all beautiful and I love thinking about how I can incorporate different elements into my home. Great site!

    • Vanessa, I will hunt you down and steal your pink flamingos! haha! I knew your fav would be the Coastal Marsh Cottage too! I actually thought of you all when I designed the idea board. Thanks!!!

  4. ohhh I loved the neutral until I got down to the sunset!!! Love that pop of color!

    • I know! I really love all the looks. I add the pops of red in the fall and around Christmas and it works well. And with over 50 color choices for furniture & 200+ fabrics that they carry, the possibilities are endless.
      Thanks for stopping by Amanda!

  5. Coral is my new go-to fav so anything with coral and seafoam in it wins in my book!

    • I so agree with you Kristy, coral is hot, hot, hot and has such a cheery and springy look. Love it! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! ~KIM

  6. When Maine Cottage was actually based in Maine 😉 their showroom was my GO TO place for inspiration. I spent hours in there…it was HUGE, and had different themes in different corners…it was SO lovely! (Still lovely…just further south now…and I MISS it!!) I love that you posted this today! (And all of your color schemes are beautiful, too!)

    • You were so lucky Jennifer! I just recently discovered Maine Cottage, and I was like,”Where have you been all my life?!” It is such an awesome site. I see how easily you could spend hours in their store! Fun!
      Thanks Jennifer!

  7. I live in a beach cottage on the California coast and I think the most important element of a beach cottage is casual. I want people to be able to enter our house after a day on the beach and not worry about tracking in sand.

    Our beach cottage is much less formal than our last house which allows for more time on the beach and less time cleaning.

    • Exactly! I grew up in a house on the beach and sand was just part of our life but the house was relaxed and gorgeous! My hubs grew up in Huntington Beach so thankfully he also loves and expects a relaxing, coastal decor.
      Thanks for commenting Carol!

  8. Coastal Marsh Cottage is my favourite.

  9. Love all 3! If I had to pick just one I’d have to go with Ocean Sunset.

  10. They are so Pretty!! If I had to choose just one, I would pick Ocean Sunset or Sea Breeze Neutrals.. Oh wait! That’s two 🙂
    Thanks for sharing all this Lovely inspiration with us!

  11. I’d be happy as a clam (no pun) with any of them! They are all gorgeous!

  12. I love it all but I think I like the Marsh one the best. It reminds me of my parents coastal home (which I love!). All of it is fabulous though. 😉

  13. Love those colors. Feel relaxed already!

  14. I love the Sea Breeze Neutrals, but the Ocean Sunset is a close second. Hoping to incorporate some of these ideas into my new (to me) Puerto Rican home.

  15. Love them all but if I had to choose one, I think I’d have to choose Ocean Sunset!

  16. Coastal Marsh is my favorite:)

  17. These are all so beautiful, it’s hard to choose a favorite. But, if I had to choose it would be the Coastal Marsh Cottage. Just lovely!

  18. Oooh….love this! The neutrals would fit in best with our current decor. But, I love the pop of color in the ocean sunset! How fun!

  19. i’ve never heard of them before!! they have such gorgeous things! i love the colors of the ocean sunset collection.

    • I know! I recently discovered them too and was like, “where have you been all my life?”. Very cool site. It looks like my Ocean Sunset Collection is winning! Great taste Kellie!

  20. I love anything coastal (as you know haha) so I’m not sure I could choose!

  21. Charlotte says:

    I like the Coastal Marsh Cottage style, and I have to sat, that I’am in LOVE with your laundry room makeover.

  22. I definitely like Coastal Sunset – just because it’s the orangey/coral that is getting me!

  23. They are all so pretty! I love the pops of color on the Ocean Sunset. Really almost any of these would work in my home right now. 🙂