Ceramic Planter Side Table

Ceramic Planter Side Table
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Do you love to repurpose items you have that aren’t being put to good use? I do! A few months ago our neighbor moved out and discarded a large ceramic planter with silk floral plant in it. Well, I knew I didn’t need the silk plant, but the large planter was beautiful and worth saving! My deck was already full of flowering planters, but it was lacking in some side tables. I had a “light bulb moment”! Today I’m going to show you how I turned that discarded item into a fun and personalized Ceramic Planter Side Table in just a few minutes!
Ceramic Planter Side Table

How to Make a Ceramic Planter Side Table


You will need the following:


A large Ceramic planter 

Pool Filter Sand
Shells or decorations
19.25 inch round glass table top
clear rubber adhesive bumpers
This is how it looked. The 19 inch wide planter was filled with a Styrofoam and moss filler that held the silk plant in place. If I were to use it for plant purposes, then it would have to be removed. I decided to leave it though.
ceramic planter
I next filled the planter with pool filter sand. I love using pool filter sand because it is inexpensive, clean, and very white. I use filter sand for filler in vases and displays like you can see here.
ceramic planter with sand
I gathered a basket of shells, starfish, and sea glass we’ve collected on family vacations to Hatteras Island over the years. This is what you can use to decorate the top of your table. When decorating, always try to use items that evoke a memory of some kind. It makes your decorating much more meaningful and special.
shell collection
The kids really wanted to help out with this project, so I let them arrange the shells and driftwood and they even drew a little heart in the sand! How cute is that?
The next step is to apply 4 adhesive rubber bumpers to the top rim of the planter.
rubber bumpers
Now it’s time to place your table top on! This one I picked up at Wal-Mart for less than $7.
glass table top
In a matter of a few minutes you have a personalized ceramic planter side table filled with summer memories from your family vacation!
Planter side table
What I find fun is that I can change the items inside any time to reflect the season.
Ceramic Planter Side Table
Try making your own Ceramic Planter Side Table for your deck or patio today! What will you put inside?
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  1. Beautiful!! Turned out great!!

  2. Kim I LOVE IT!! What a great idea!

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. love it and you have given me an idea for my own patio.. it’ll be different but thats ok too.. thanks so much

  5. This is a fantastic idea. Yoo are the queen of seashore ideas.

  6. This is a BEAUTIFUL project!! I <3 it!!!

  7. You are so smart. You think of the coolest things!

  8. So simple and so pretty! Love the filter sand tip!

  9. Wow! Stroke of genius. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  10. Very clever filling it with sand and then putting a glass cover over top. I’ve often looked at large flower pots and wondered how to make them into a sidetable and now you have done it. I’ll have remember this.

  11. Pinned it, Kim! Great idea! I have already been keeping my eyes peeled for ceramic planters at yard sales – hope I can find a neat looking one soon! 🙂

  12. Wow!! This belongs over at DIY network as well as in a magazine. I have NEVER seen this done before & LOVE it!! You’re creativity seizes to amaze me 🙂

  13. d

  14. I absolutely love how you did this. I seen it last week over at Becky’s site and just fell in love with it. I have quite a few large planters not holding anything right now and would love to do this. What a great inspirational piece to go outside or inside for that matter. I may just do this soon~if I do, I’ll link back to you to show where the inspiration came from. Just too cool!!

  15. Very nice idea! I added the link to my facebook site as a great way to add a side table to a patio.

  16. There will be one of these on my patio soon. I have thought of it and dismissed the idea…..now when I see it done……it’s a piece of creative cake!

  17. Love it! Beautiful table and you helped the environment!!

  18. I did this and it looked great but the glass has now steamed up and there is a lot of condensation 🙁 below the glass, so the shells are no longer visible! Any ideas how to avoid this? I live on a tropical island with very high humidity!

  19. Love it! I pinned and stumbled it 🙂


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