Celebrating Shark Week: Pallet Shark

Celebrating Shark Week: Pallet Shark

JAWS scarred me for life. Yep, after that movie, I concluded that my life would most likely end in the jaws of a shark. Ok, so I’m a bit dramatic, but I told you I’m scarred. Yet, every year my family gathers together in sick anticipation each evening to watch Shark Week on the Discovery Channel and scare ourselves even more.

How any I dealing with my shark phobia? I’m putting sharks in my house to gaze upon everyday. Brilliant isn’t it? I’m not sure it’s working though. Let’s take a look at this less intimidating Pallet Shark.

Pallet Shark

The boys room received the Pallet Shark (shown above) which goes great with their Pallet Surfboard and Pallet Beach Banner. All of the art was made for free from a left over pallets we had when we laid our octagonal brick patio.

DIY pallet Art

The shark is a black tip that we have right off the shores here in Virginia Beach. In fact, we have many species who roam the waters here. What is awesome about this project is that I was able to have TWO pieces of art out of one! The Pallet Art: Shark (seen below) is the outside of my boys’ ferocious black-tip shark!

Click on the link above to see a full tutorial on how to make it yourself!

pallet shark

Here’s the shark cutout.

Pallet shark

I took my vibrating sander and smoothed out all the edges. Tip: wear your ear plugs and protective eye wear! These sanders have such a high pitched whine…. trust me on this… just wear them.

sanding pallet shark

After sanding I gave my shark the lightest brushing of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck Egg Blue.

ASCP Duck Egg Blue

See what I mean by light? I wanted the texture of the pallet wood to show through.

Duck Egg Blue

Think the boys will have nightmares with Mr. Blacktip overhead? I hope not!

Wood shark art

So in extra honor of Shark Week I will share

Sand & Sisal’s Top 5 Shark Tips

1) To conquer your fear, make awesome pallet shark art! (Priority #1)

2) Remove that fab silver nail polish on your toes & fingernails (we don’t want any part of you to be mistaken for fish scales or a fishing lure).

3) Save the jewelry & sequined bikinis for the pool (reason: see #2).

4) Avoid swimming near fishing piers (um, duh).

5) Never swim at dusk or dawn. Now an evening or moonlight swim may sound romantic, but trust me, it’s not the wisest choice. These are the prime times for feeding. And the last time I checked, I don’t think you want to be dinner!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am loving your pallet shark! So very awesome! Going to have to try that one! 😀 ~ Jackie S

  2. We always see sharks by the pier near us, they love to hang under the fish cleaning station, yikes!

    We’re remodeling our boys rooms soon and your boys room is such a great inspiration for Eli’s surfer room 🙂

  3. i LOVE it! I know my hubby would REALLY LOVE IT! He is the shark freak here in our home. Great job, great space. JEN

  4. Cute Kim!! Shark Week is SUCH a favorite at our house!!

    Love your guts

  5. I love that blue color on the walls in what I am assuming is a living room picture…what color is it?

  6. I too am a VB local! Do you know where I could purchase pallets around here cheap? My Dad collects all things shark and this would make a great handmade anniversary gift!

  7. I’ve been waiting to see this since you posted your first one! Looks so awesome and you have inspired me to create a pallet art piece of my own. Can I link back to your blog and use one picture of the shark pallet art on my blog when I post my project? Of course I will credit you repeatedly. Thanks for sharing this and inspiring me!


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