How to Remove Utensil Stratches from Dishes

How to Remove Utensil Stratches from Dishes

Truth be told I hate doing dishes, but after what I just discovered, I have been an excited dish washing maniac! This past week I was doing a photoshoot for an upcoming holiday tablescape and as I was going through the pictures I noticed how horrible my white dishware looked. There was not a single dish that wasn’t marred with ugly gray marks and scratches. Besides the millions of tiny scratches covering the insides of every plate, bowl and mug, the dishes are still in decent condition. I seriously contemplated going out and buying brand new dishes but that just seemed wasteful. So I headed to my cleaning closet on a mission to find out How to Remove Utensil Scratches from Dishes, and I am so excited to share the solution with you! PS- This is NOT a sponsored post, I am just so over the moon thrilled I had to share!

STOP! Don't throw away your dishes! Click through to learn How to Remove Utensil Scratches from Dishes! Seriously amazing. This will be one popular pin to put on your must try list!

See how scratched up and marked that bowl is? My mugs look 10x worse inside. The dishes are only a few years old. In case you are wondering, I bought them from Target. 😉


How to Remove Untensil Scratches and Marks from Dishes

Drum roll please….. the secret, amazing miracle mark removing cleanser is Bar Keepers Friend (<–Amazon affiliate link)! I had originally bought  Bar Keepers Friend to clean some rusty marks off our brand new stainless steel sink that an old cookie tray had left. I had always heard  how people loved the stuff for cleaning all types of things, but never to remove the scratches on dishes. Well now I know!


Removing the scratches/mark from the dishes is easy. For demonstration sake, I taped off one side of the dish with painter’s tape. I recommend using kitchen gloves, especially if you have sensitive skin. Pour a generous amount of the cleaning powder onto the dish. With a wet sponge (but not too wet) start scrubbing the powder all over the dish. You want to form a paste. I used a kitchen sponge with a lightly abrasive scrubbing side. You will notice almost instantly the marks and scratches start disappearing. Scrub for one minute. It does take a bit of elbow grease. Rinse completely and check out your results. Repeat where necessary.


Just look at those results! Seriously amazing.


I hope you give it a try for yourself! If you would please excuse me… I have a pile of dishes to clean and renew!

How to clean marks and scrapes of white dishes

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STOP! Don't throw away your dishes! Click through to learn How to Remove Utensil Scratches from Dishes! Seriously amazing. This will be one popular pin to put on your must try list!

Happy Cleaning!


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  1. Wow Kim, who knew ?? I even bartended years ago and had never used it before. I am just now hearing all these marvelous ways to use it. This one really is a miracle though ! Thank you for doing the leg work for all us readers, or should I say, “finger” work ? Its definitely worth the scrubbing though, compared to forking out money for a new set of dishes. Have a great day.

    • Seriously! I trashed a whole set of dishes before because they were so marked up. Now I am kicking myself! It does take effort but wow, for the money, I think it is worth it and hey… I might tone my arms in the process of scrubbing! Win, win! Thanks Diena! Have a great week!~ KIM

  2. I have some marks on my lighter colored Fiestaware dishes, I have a can of this stuff somewhere, I’ll have to try it on those! Thank You!

  3. There are few things in this world that Bar Keepers Friend can’t solve. Bar Keepers Friend for president! Thanks for the tip. I’m going to give it a shot.

  4. Barbara Ann Sandoval says:

    YES!! Bartenders Keepers Friend and BonAmi are my faves for cleaning delicate and porous items. I stock pile it and use it daily for my stainless steel sink. Which I then give a light wipe down with olive oil.
    Great idea, thanks!

  5. Sandy Park says:

    Kim THANKS FOR SHARING THIS. All of my light colored Fiestaware is scratched up. Going to try this for sure.

  6. Awesome! I have used it to shine up stainless steel pans but I haven’t tried it on dishes. Thanks for the tip!

  7. Great tip!!!

  8. I want to know how to keep my dishes from getting gray marks again. I’ve spent half a day cleaning them only to have the marks come back at first use. What a waste of time! My dishes are white Pfaltzgraff stoneware. I must need new silverware? I thought Fiesta wouldn’t mark maybe but see someone else’s did.

    • I also have white Pfaltzgraff dishes & read somewhere that it’s a flaw in the clay they use. I’ve been using Bar Keepers Friend or Soft Scrub with bleach for years if we’re having guests over but, you’re right, what a waste of time. Marks are back the minute you use utensils on them again. 😬

  9. I have had the same white dishes for 26 years (because Mikasa French Countryside will NEVER go out of style!) and I am SO going to do this! Thanks, Kim!

  10. Dawne Rayser says:

    So glad I saw this tip! I have the same white dishes from Target! I bought them a month ago, a bit hesitantly, knowing they may show scratches. But I love them and now I’ll know how to clean them, thanks!

  11. Hi, My name is Christina and I work for Bar Keepers Friend. I just came across your blog on Pinterest. Thank you so much for your kind words. I’ll be sure to share your blog on our social media platforms.

  12. HI, My name is Christina and I work for Bar Keepers Friend.
    This is a great article and we thank you for the great comments.

  13. I use Bon Ami. It removes the marks and doesn’t have any bleach or other obnoxious ingredients! 😀

  14. Carol Kelly says:

    I was told it had to do with the silverware I use

  15. Mary Burke says:

    I use BonAmi ( Dawn too) to remove stuck on crusty food from my Corning Ware. I love my Corning ware…

  16. I’m just wondering if there’s anything else you can use instead of bar cleaners friend? Cause I’ve never seen or heard of it in Australia!


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