Coastal Mantel

Coastal Mantel
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I was online the other day… (like that’s a surprise)… and someone asked a question directed at home bloggers,

“Do you decorate your home for you or for your blog?”

Hmmmm. That’s a good question.

My 1st impulse was to say, “For me of course! But is that totally true?

I had to think about that one.

Coastal Mantel

When I started Sand & Sisal in 2010, I knew I loved the beach and coastal decor but to be honest, I wasn’t totally gaga over everything coastal.

If you live in a beach city then you know what the “tourist strip” looks like.  And basically, every local avoids it for the most part.

Rows of cheesy beach trinket filled shops,

you know, the ones with the bright flamingo wall hangings and the beach cover-ups with the painted women’s body in a thong that I swear I’ve seen WAY too often on many elderly tourists.

Even my youngest once caught a glimpse of a grandma sportin’ her risque attire and exclaimed (a little too loudly)

 “Ewwwww mom! That’s gross!”. ..(Wise young man indeed.)

Shell Wreath

But when I came across this little guy on Joss & Main, an adorable sandpiper carved from driftwood, I knew the scales had tipped.

I don’t normally do fake bird statues, animal statues, heck, any statues for that sake, but we all evolve and grow I guess.

The blog has formed who I have become, and visa versa.

Coastal Mantel

To answer the question asked earlier, I’d have to admit my taste has grown from kind-of -coastal to

undoubtedly coastal.
Coastal Shell Craft

You know you’ve succumbed to the coastal collectiveness when you squeal at the site of a Nate Berkus Sea Urchin at Target or fat and chunky sisal rope at Home Depot.

Sea Urchin - coastal mantel

Can you blame me though?

Who doesn’t long for quiet strolls along the beach, walking hand in hand with your loved ones?

Or what about being lulled to sleep by the sounds of waves crashing on the shore?

It’s absolute heaven to me.

Shell Wreath

I don’t live at the beach. That is still a dream for me.

But I’m close enough (for now).

So if I settle for a coastal mantel that reminds me of everything I love, then why not?

(Decorating a coastal mantel is certainly cheaper than a beach house.)

Coastal Mantel

Kim & Sand & Sisal are coastal to the core… ’nuff said. 😉


Source Guide:

Shell Textured Cones 

Driftwood sand piper – Joss & Main

Shell Wreath, Weathered Wood Lanter,  Glass Vase, coral pillow – HomeGoods

Sea Urchin sculpture-  Target

Seagrass Chair – Pottery Barn

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  1. Super pretty 🙂 I’m loving the chair!

  2. Sheila Moore says:

    Absolutely love e everything beachy!

  3. It’s funny you ask that question. As a new blogger I have found myself doubting my style since it might not be what’s in at the time. Something I have to overcome and become secure enough in my own style to be different! Having said that, I love your cones!! I think I can incorporate the sisal and wood one in my decor!! Did you cut each little piece of wood|? If so, “kudos” to you!!! Love your style, Kim and if my dream of owning a cute little cabin on the ocean shore comes true, I will definitely adopt your style! 🙂 Angela

  4. LOVED this post Kim! I think you do coastal in absolutely the most perfect way! It’s all about capturing the “feeling” of it and you have definitely done that. Your mantel is gorgeous!

  5. Hahahha.. Gross indeed!! I too have seen one too many seniors in those coverups.
    Living in Florida it is hard not to do coastal in the summer. I grew up spending every summer on the beach… all summer long in sand and surf!
    Now I live 1.5 to 2 hrs from either coast… bot counting the lakes and their beaches.
    Shells are a must scattered about in the summer decor. I luv your mantel Kim. perfect.
    Hugs, Gee

  6. Love, love, love the mantel… nothing wrong with channeling the seaside. 🙂
    xo Heidi

  7. This is beautiful! Pinning!

  8. Love your style Kim. It’s coastal, without pitiful signs saying Margaritaville, and no surf boards (that I can see) lining the halls.

  9. Your coastal mantel is just perfect, Kim! Love the cones.

  10. Your mantel looks gorgeous! I love everything coastal, in fact I was just eyeing up some coral to put on my piano. I love the way the seagrass chair works in that room too. I have the same chair – actually two of them in my living room. Enjoy your weekend!

  11. I could picture myself walking along the beach as I read your post. The coast is my favorite place to be and I hope one day I will have a beach house.

    I love seeing your beautiful coastal decor.

  12. Tiffany says:

    Please share the paint color on the wall behind your coastal mantle 🙂

  13. I absolutely love this. The wooden lantern is my favorite, so I went to Home Goods to look for one. Just my luck…..they didn’t have it. Oh well, maybe I can find another one somewhere.
    Keep up the great work. I love your styling!!
    Debbie in Texas

  14. Hello, I am from Brazil, and like you I love coastal decor more than any other style. We have an small apartment as our beach “house”, and my main hobby became decorate it. Would you please tell me, if you know where I could find a wearth like your to buy at Florida? We will be there for a couple of weeks on November. Thank you!

    • Hi Cebele!
      I am so happy that you love Sand & Sisal! Thank you! I bought the wreath at a store called “HomeGoods”. But you can make this on your own. All you need to do is go to a craft store and purchase a “wispy grapevine wreath” and then use hot glue or fishing line or floral wire to fasten the seashells to the wreath.
      Have a wonderful visit in Florida!