Laundry Room Makeover

Laundry Room Makeover

The one household chore I despise is the laundry, ok maybe the dishes too. My house if filled with two messy teen girls, two dirty, sweaty, little boys, a hubs who never unrolls his gym socks (gag), and then me, “Laundry-Ella”. The constant piles of clothes are never ending and rather overwhelming. I’d walk by the ugly laundry room, void of any character or color, and just shut the door in disgust. I couldn’t take it any longer! If I had to spend such a large amount of my time in the laundry room then it had to at least be beautiful! It was time for a Laundry Room Makeover!

Laundry room makeover

Ta-da!!!! Isn’t it gorgeous? Giddy doesn’t even describe how excited I am with how the room turned out!

laundry room makeover

Now don’t get me wrong, I was very grateful to even have a laundry room. Our last house didn’t have one and doing the laundry in the unheated garage was no picnic. This laundry room was a decent size for one person to work in, but wow it was plain-Jane boring. Just look at the before and after pictures.

laundry room makeover before and after

The first thing we did was Install a Bead Board Ceiling and crown molding. It added instant character! Then we installed this beautiful seeded glass pendant fixture from Ballard Designs. You can read my tutorial How to Install a Light Fixture to see how manageable it can be.

Laundry room with bead board ceiling

The room had to be a happy color. I didn’t want a sophisticated neutral color, I mean who the heck feels sophisticated while doing laundry? The color needed to be cheerful yet not so cheerful that it was obnoxious and distracting.  I ended up painting the room…. twice. The color I first chose was nice and bright, but it clashed with the rooms adjacent to it, so we repainted the room in Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams. Paint is inexpensive and I seriously believe that if you don’t love the color then you just need to change it! Yes it takes some time and effort, but painting a room a new color can completely transform it!

laundry room makeover

It was time to create a Sorting Station!  One of my best friends, Tiffany, has the most amazing laundry rooms I’ve ever seen and she had a huge sorting station. I thought how clever it was and knew I had to have one also! We installed two shelves, painted them white, and gave each member of the family their own basket.

It was time to retire the name of “Laundry-Ella”…

and I’m not Superwoman. My kids are old enough to help out with the laundry and I believe every child should have responsibilities and learn how to contribute to a family. When the dryer is finished, who ever is assigned “sorting duty” opens the dryer and sorts the clean clothes into the respective bins. No folding required, just toss the clothes in the bins. Then each member of the family has to take their bin of clean clothes to fold and put away. Of course I help my preschooler with his laundry. This has really helped to make laundry more manageable, and piles of clean clothes no longer sit on my couch for a week, waiting to be taken care of.

laundry basket sorting station

To clear the clutter off the washer and dryer, we made semi-FLOATING SHELVES, two on each side of the window to hold the detergents. Click that link to see how to make these shelves yourself. We buy detergent in bulk, but those containers are so ugly! I wanted EVERYTHING to be pretty, so why not use creative containers for the detergent and softener? Just refill the bottles once a week! They work great, are easy for the kids to use, and look beautiful! The baskets, bottles, jar, and vase were all found at TJ Maxx/ Home Goods.

Detergent stored in glass bottles and containers

Time to accessorize! I’ll show you soon how easy it is to make this paisley DIY framed fabric art.

laundry room basket sorting station

The shell prints were found at Target. I placed them high above the top shelves to draw the eye upward toward the bead board ceiling.

nautilus framed art

scallop framed art

To hide the fabric softener sheet box I placed the sheets in a pretty basket. The small planter of succulents requires minimal watering which is great if you don’t want a ton of plant maintenance.

dryer sheet basket

Plant succulents in a galvanized pail

I love walking by the laundry room now! The door is rarely ever closed either.

Sherwin Williams Rainwashed laundry room

Well, because I can’t get it closed with all the dirty laundry on the floor!

Yes, the laundry room may be pretty now, but it’s still a laundry room that looks like the picture below 75% of the time. (Sigh) Welcome to my home!

messy laundry room

I hope you enjoyed my Laundry Room Makeover!

For more ideas check out the DIY Project Gallery tab up at the top of the page!


Check out my laundry room featured in First for Women Magazine!

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  1. It makes me (almost) want to do laundry!! Love the beadboard ceiling! Now if only I could get my girls to do (I mean help) with the laundry!

    Laundry-Ella no more (although I sort of liked that name)!

  2. LOVE! & I am also beyond jealous… Our “Laundry Room” is a stacker behind a bifold door in our dining room. I hate laundry as well… but I could hate it a little less in there!

  3. Love, Love, Love! You did such a great job! Truly inspiring!!

  4. Gorgeous! Love the color & the beadboard ceiling!! You did a great job Kim!!

  5. It looks fabulous!!! I love the light. It is my favorite part!

  6. I love it! It’s just perfect. I’m glad you took the time to make that horrible chore at least look pretty! I think I know the color I now want in my living room… Pinned this!

  7. Beautiful Kim I love it!!! I’m almost done with mine too! Great idea for the laundry station too. Our room isn’t big enough for one, but love the idea. Great job girl and that ceiling is FABULOUS.

  8. This is GORGEOUS! I absolutely love that paint color. Wonderful job!! Now – get to work on that laundry so you can look at the pretty again!! 😉 (my mind does wonder where all that laundry was while you were taking the after pictures?? lol) 😉

    • Haha! Actually, I’ve had the room done for awhile but the laundry was NEVER FINISHED! My Mother’s Day gift was a clean house and all the laundry DONE! Woo-Hoo! I finally was able to take pictures! Thanks Skye!

  9. Kim, I am in love with your ceiling! Was I supposed to look down? It’s gorgeous and sets the tone for the entire room. I love it all!!

    Even the last photo =)

  10. Hi Kim-
    I love the light and airy feel you created – makes you almost want to do laundry 🙂 I love the wicker top you used as a lid for the detergent. My glass detergent canister is big, but I am now going to be on the look out for a round basket bottom to fit it. Very clever!

    My best- Diane

  11. Absolutely beautiful! I gasped! 🙂 Loving everything… especially the ceiling and the laundry basket shelves. Truly gorgeous!

  12. What???? Unreal. It is so beautiful, light and airy. I love everything about it. SO amazing to have the sorting station. You have done a gorgeous job. Love the framed fabric. And cute to keep it real!

  13. Kim! Holy Smokes girl! I am first of all in LOVE with the paint color!! So very pretty!! And you know what- you are so right..this get’s me thinking..I need a Sorting station!! Why am I lugging ALL the boys laundry up to their rooms!?! Trying to be supermom over here or something?! geez… i need to get it together over here! LOVE all your ideas on the holders…photos..the CEILING! I could go on and on..but I will leave room for others to comment! 😉 Very Very nice job!

    • Yep, the trying-to-be-Superwoman-thing was killing me! I can’t have my boys growing up and thinking their wife will do everything for them, right? 😉 Thank you for the sweet comment.

  14. Wow, this looks so fresh and fun! I am so glad to hear that someone else feels that the children should learn how to do their own laundry. My daughters are grown, but I made them do their own laundry since they could reach the machine, and I was told I was the only mom in town who made their kids do that! lol Love the bead-board on the ceiling and the color on the walls, I have used that color before and it is beautiful. And the fabric softeners in the basket was genius. Great job.

  15. Kim, you are awesome! I really love the color, I am in the process of painting our kitchen & living room in shades of blue. I also think it is great (and brave) of you to include the everyday picture! Love your work as always,Ronda

    • Thank you! I love the Rainwashed color. It’s in my master bedroom too. 😉

    • Thank you so much for saying you used it in your bedroom I am horrible at picking colors and I have been trying to decide what color to use for a couple of months. Love the Rainwashed color the second I saw it but the chicken in me was not sure if it was a good color choice. I would love to see a pic of how it looks(did you use an accent color also?} I an not nearly as talented as you are but I have the hey I can at least give it a try attitude. Thanks for all your great ideas keep them coming.

  16. What a great space! I would be happy to do laundry in this room…the only thing missing is a “martini bar.” Love it!

  17. What a great space! I would be happy to do laundry in this room…the only thing missing is a “martini bar.” Love it!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful job! Had already planned to paint mine Tidewater by Martha Stewart, but you have inspired me to go beyond just painting! Love the small shelves flanking the window, great use of a odd sized space. Thank you for sharing!

  19. Beautiful! Thanks for keeping it real, I feel much better now!!!
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

  20. WHAT a transformation girl! YOU did an amazing job, and the Rainwashed color on the wall is gorgeous! Very impressive!!!!! Great job!

  21. Love it! That color is so beautiful, and love all your shelves. Ok, how come I never thought to buy bottles to refill from the large bulk ones??? I have a long pass-thru laundry room. Guests have to walk through it to get to the bathroom, and I have done nothing with it. I need to get going and pretty it up. You blogging girls are so inspiring!!!!

  22. I feel better now! I was a tad bit down on myself until I saw the last photo 🙂 Even with the clothes everywhere the room looks amazing! I’ve been talking about a makeover for mine~for several years. You have truly inspired me 🙂
    It is beautiful!

    • Thank you Debbie! Really, it’s a wreck most of the time. My Mother’s Day gift was a clean house and all the laundry done! 🙂

  23. KIM!! (Not Laundryella–so funny!) This is awesome! I have a laundry room mini-makeover in the works, and boy have you inspired me! I love the beachy theme, especially for your house. That wall color is just wonderful, the floating shelves look great, the accessories are perfect, and that sorting station–wow!

    Can I please quote you when I post about my laundry room?

    I’ll say it again: this is AWESOME.

  24. Gorgeous sis! I love it!

  25. Wow–great makeover! I keep putting off working on my laundry room, you may have finally inspired me to get started. Its beautiful! I especially love the ceiling, that is inspired 🙂
    Amy @ 11 Magnolia Lane

  26. great family sorting system!

  27. It’s just perfect!!! I have a Q. – what model washer/dryer do you have? We need a new set (ours are very old, not broken) and I’m confused…so many choices. I figure your family is a good test case so I thought I’d ask. Thanks! 🙂

    • Thanks! We have the Maytag Neptune. They were the 1st front loading models out way back when. I hate the washer. It molds and has a rust problem, but the dryer is very great. They have improved since then I’m told. My next washer is going to be top loading and HIGH capacity!

    • I’ve been looking…so far the Whirlpool Cabriolet is the front runner. Thanks Kim!

  28. Awesome wall color! The whole room makes me think of the beach – thanks for sharing!

    Jan @

  29. Absolutely fabulous! Definitely inspiring me to work on my laundry room. Love the folding station and the baskets. Exactly what I need. Thank you for sharing! Jamie,

  30. It turned out absolutely gorgeous, Kim!!!

  31. You’ve inspired me once again!!! After doing my island like you did I am now going to copy your laundry room too!! Thanks for such great ideas!

  32. Kim-this laundry room makeover is amazing! I absolutely love every single thing in here. I cannot wait till you share how to do that paisley framed artwork. It’s simply beautiful & would lovely in my home. This is definitely getting pinned! 🙂

  33. Beautiful updates to your laundry room, I LOVE the wall color 🙂 Tanya

  34. Oh man Kim!! This is just PERFECT! You hot a home run with this one! Love, love love it!!
    I hope you’ll let me feature it for the weekly feature series I run- it is too fantastic not to share!
    Of course I pinned it!
    xo Becca

  35. Beautiful room – and thanks for the ‘keeping it real’ photo …. nice to know others have the same issue!

  36. Oh my goodness, it is just beautiful!! The beadboard ceiling is over the top gorgeous. I’d want to just lay on the floor (on my piles of laundry of course) and stare up at it. 😉 You did a fabulous job!

  37. This is really an amazing transformation! I love the color you chose for the wall.

  38. You did an incredible job with this, Kim! I love everything about it! Maybe one day I’ll actually get to finishing mine…

  39. So pretty! Laundry is a constant battle in our home, maybe a fresh room like yours would inspire me to tackle the piles! Nice job and thanks for sharing!

  40. So pretty! Laundry is a constant battle in our home, maybe a fresh room like yours would inspire me to tackle the piles! Nice job and thanks for sharing!

  41. I am in love with this room! I adore the paint color and the ceiling really pulls it all together. 🙂 Plus, I love (and respect!) that you posted a “real life” picture at the end. I can appreciate that, as I often feel like most home remodeling pictures are BEAUTIFUL, but so unrealistic! The truth of the matter is, most of us don’t live in magazines—Laundry piles HAPPEN! This is the first time I’ve checked out your blog (Found it through Pinterest), and now I’m definitely going to explore it more. Thanks so much for sharing!

  42. Anonymous says:

    Wow! ! Love the color and sorting system. My husband installed cabinets above the washer/dryer for storage and made a table for folding clothes which allows room underneath for two laundry containers that are labeled whites/ brights and dark. This has helped keep dirty clothes off the floor. Each of my children have their own laundray basket that they keep in their room and are responsible for. This has taught them how to take care of their colthing and responsibility. I adore your solutions for those unsightly soap powder boxes. I will be putting that “pretty” solution to work in my laundry roomed.

  43. GREAT COLOR and love the sorting station. We currently have a triple sorter but as my three children grow I think I will have to borrow this idea!

  44. The whole room is beautiful- light and bright and clean looking! I love it all! I soo wish that paint color would work in our home- I’d copy you in a New York minute! I’m following you via my WordPress reader- thanks for all the inspiration!

  45. My laundry room is a room in the basement but it doesn’t have a window or a finished ceiling. I am officially jealous of yours, it’s so pretty!

    • Lorraine Lawton says:

      you could find an old window frame with/without the glass. Paint it. Put SCENCE BEHIND IT, attach it to the wall, put curtains on it. I saw this in a pharmacy once, before windows that could provide access was allowed. He had a sun in his picture.

  46. What an AWESOME makeover Kim!! I love it! I hear ya, my washer and dryer always has clothes in it!! It seems never ending!!

  47. Well holy crapola laundryola! You have got to be kidding me!? I LOVE THIS! What a great color and the added shelves and sorting station is perfect. The detergent in the jars is very clever 🙂 Ok, I guess I have to cut you some slacker for being a slacker on putting away your Easter decor . hehe.

  48. Laundry (and my laundry room) are the bane of my existence. Mine looks just like your last picture, um, about 99% of the time. I think the only time my laundry has ever been completely DONE is right before we leave for vacation, and I wash every stitch of clothing we own. Otherwise, it’s a daily struggle. I will admit however, that even if I had a GIANT laundry room, I know it would be equally disatrous – but everything would just be more spread out. 😉

    • Lorraine Lawton says:

      We have a 27″ x 60″ folding table on wheels (to facilitate cleaning behind and under it) with two shelves for the DIRTY clothes to be sorted into as the laundry hamper is emptied. It is covered with lino left over. The shelves hold five baskets and/or cardboard boxes labelled with red- no fuzzy; red – fuzzy etc so that when someone wants a special item washed they do whatever else has been pre-sorted.

      The folding table is between the washer and dryer.

      I also have two 17″ shelves above the folding table for baskets of things I do not want my family to wash ie whitest tablecloths, red – needs pre-treating, handwash only etc

      Now to create the bins for the clean clothes like Kim has!

  49. Wow!!! I just love it Kim! You really did a fantastic job, I am so inspired with the soothing color and beachy feel.. I love how you really pulled everything together. Cheers!

  50. Kim, it’s totally absolutely beautiful! Great job on all of it. Love the beadboard ceiling & those little shelves just make it. Oh, and that pendant light. Love it all!

  51. Okay, it looks stunning! I love the color that you painted the walls, and that pendant light is so pretty! And your sorting station?? Genius!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  52. Truly AMAZING Kim!!! The light pendant is gorgeous, the ceiling is beautiful, and I love the way you have organized the detergent and softener!! Just beautiful!!

  53. this is my dream laundry room! love the ceiling, molding, floating shelves, and folding area, and the pretty laundry detergent holders etc. great job kim!!! you’re such an inspiration!

  54. it is so pretty! can you tell me where you got the jar with the rope lid and that pretty green glass jar? ( i have a very small laundry room but am trying to make it cute, i would have never thought of bead board ceilings! i’m covering a big bulletin board with cute fabric to brighten it up and keep papers and things out of sight! just a small tip, my kids each had their own hamper and after 4th grade were responsible for their own laundry which consist of wash, dry, put away! it kept piles of laundry being in common places.

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. OH MY GOSH!!! I almost peed myself looking at your awesome laundry room! I think I may be making a trip to buy paint this weekend!!! ;o)

  57. Kim.

    Jealous doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about your laundry room. I have to go into a dank, smelly, dark and bug infested basement to do mine. This room is paradise!! I LOVE the color you chose and agree that if you don’t like the first one you should repaint. I need to do that to my bedroom when I can. Happy for you that it turned out so beautifully!

  58. This is the most beautiful LR I have ever seen! Nice Job.

  59. AH-MAZ-ING!!! When I saw your picture, I thought it was from a magazine!! Holy Moly did it come out REALLY nice!!! Wow…. completely STUNNING, great job as always!!

  60. Gorgeous! Love the color, and love the sorting basket idea! And that last pic makes me smile, because that’s what my laundry room looks like minus the pretty background. Thanks for sharing.

  61. GORGEOUS! Just jaw dropping gorgeous! 🙂 And I LOVE your last picture… thank you for keeping it REAL!

    The Lazy Mom

  62. All i can say is WOW!! It looks simply amazing. Love your shelves for laundry baskets! So practical!!

    Looks just wonderful.

  63. That is just one chair shy of a “getaway room” simply beautiful!!!! Now if only the laundry could clean itself!

  64. Kim that is just adorable…the last pic I mean. Your makeover however is GORGEOUS…I LOVE IT! My horrible black hole downstairs in my home I don’t even go near. My 17 yr old does laundry…I hate that room but you have inspired me to maybe try a makeover to motivate me to enter the dungeon. LOL

    Great Job…amazing really.

    Lucky 7 Design

  65. Your laundry room looks fantastic! I LOVE the wall colour – it’s the perfect watery blue-green. Also love the beadboard ceiling – such a nice touch. And all your decorative items and display bottles & jars totally up the pretty factor 🙂


  66. Could you provide a web link or store where you got your seeded glass pendant light fixure. So very pretty. I’m in the midst of redoing our laundry room. Curious to read about your framed fabric project.

  67. I so love this! The color is gorgeous & the sorting station is super! Are those square baskets you have under the shelves?

  68. Anonymous says:

    When did you get the 2 pictures of shells from Target?
    Were they already in those frames?
    Really like them but I’m not finding them online at Target.
    Andrea in CA

    • Hi Andrea, I think it was late February-early March. I picked up the last two and was hoping they had a 3rd, in a different print but I couldn’t find any. I did see almost the exact same pictures at Homegoods though. Oh yes, they were framed too.

  69. What a beautiful room! great job… i’m sure doing laundry is at least a LITTLE better now that you have a great space 🙂

  70. What a beautiful room, and beautiful paint color! I recently used Sherwin Williams’ Sea Salt in our kitchen and fell in love with it (a little bluer though). I am thinking it’s time for a little Laundry Room makeover too…

  71. Beautiful! I did laugh at the last photo! Thanks for that…don’t feel so bad about mine now haha!

  72. Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES! This is wonderful. Funnily, my own laundry room is on the rehab list for this summer. I’ve selected a similar colorway to yours, tho’ slightly more saturated. It NEVER occurred to me to think about the ceiling – or a lovely lighting fixture. Hmmmmm – more details to ponder before I’m done. And Keeping It Real – yeah, we’re all there some days!

  73. Oh my word! I would love to do laundy in this room! Little Bit

  74. Anonymous says:

    This is seriously one of the nicest laundry rooms I have ever seen! The color is fabulous, beachy, airy, serene even. It is so inspiring; what a pity we just had our basement laundry area refinished/waterproofed, and most of the materials are beige/tan…

  75. Wow. That is your actual laundry room? It looks like a magazine. (Glad you included the last pic so I can believe you really live here.)

  76. This is awesome. The look really suits the purpose of a laundry room. So clean and fresh. Love the picture at the end. Thank you for letting me know that my doorway of the laundry room is no exception 🙂

    Found you through Artsy Girl Connections Linky Party

  77. Love this – great tip on the laundry baskets and sorting. I have them in my laundry too but for the other end. When my kids take their clothes off, they sort them into darks, whites, pinks (I have 3 girls) and towels/sheets, so when the baskets are full I do a load.

    My kids are only 7mths, 3 & 6 so the folding piles might have to wait a little while….But I’m pinning it for sure 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. (followed over from 36th Ave)

  78. Your laundry room looks gorgeous!

  79. Love the colour and the overall look of your laundry -very pretty!

  80. Adore your change over. This is a dream for me and why I clicked over here. I am still in the cold garage phase when it comes to laundries, but next house will definitely have a dedicated room. What was I thinking.
    Thanks for the inspiration
    I’m coming to you from the Northern Beaches of Sydney Australia

  81. CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! I really like the brightness of this!! I am in the process of making some of those laundry basket drawers and will have to pin this!! AWESOME!

  82. This is GORGEOUS!! I love, love the ceiling. I’m a weirdo who actually likes to do laundry anyway but I’d sure enjoy it a lot more in this space!

  83. it looks amazing! I love the paint color.

  84. Oh my gosh this is stunning! Let’s see, the wall color is beautiful, love the floating shelves and the little natural textures are perfect. Wonderful job 🙂

  85. I came over from Serenity Now/weekend bloggy reading. I can’t get over how gorgeous your laundry room is! I wouldn’t mind doing my laundry in that room either. Lovely!

  86. A laundry room makeover is on my 2012 Home Goals list…and yours inspires me to get started! So much to like in there…the ceiling, the light, the sorting station.(pinned them for inspiration) I love SW Rainwashed, and have used it my home. Looks perfect in your laundry room…and the name is so fitting! My favorite is the last shot…thanks for keeping it real! With 2 teenage boys of my own, I wash mountains of t-shirts…ugh!!

  87. Just found you via Tatertots & Jello. Love Love Love your laundry room! I, too, despise laundry. It’s never ending. I have a theory that it multiplies at night while we’re all sleeping!

  88. Absolutely beautiful, I love that you’ve used jars and bottles for the softener and that.

    Wonderful blog too by the way!

  89. I love it! It is fresh and bright! I can not wait until I can redo mine! Thank you for the inspirations!

  90. Darn girl! I hope you like STICKERS because you are getting one from me tomorrow… This room is AMAZING!

  91. Your laundry room came out BEAUTY-FUL!! Oh my goodness….even with the laundry all over! And I LOVE your system with sorting clean clothes and having the kids help out! Dang, you’ve got me thinking! Love it all!

  92. This is way cool! Would LOVE it if you would link this project up at my brand new Trendy Tuesday party going on right now!!

  93. That is gorgeous!! And I am SO happy to have found your blog. I’m your newest follower! I too love the coast 🙂

  94. That is EXACTLY what I have in mind for mine! The color scheme and the choice of beachy accessories. I have been trying to decide on the perfect SW color and Tidewater was close, but I like the Rainwashed better. Thank you for the inspiration. Now I just have to get my rear end moving!

    P.S. I LOVE the paisley, too!


  95. My gosh, it’s simply perfect! Even with all the dirty clothes (that’s life!).

  96. Kim, what a beautiful transformation. Great color and love the REAL picture. Mine looks like that most of the time, too.

  97. LOVE LOVE LOVE. SO Beautiful.

  98. Looks beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration. I love the Keeping it Real photo. It gave me a chuckle. I Especially love the wall color and the paisley framed art.

  99. This is so pretty. I would love if you shared it on my linky party!
    Thanks Marcie @

  100. Anonymous says:

    Love the “keeping it real” pic, made me laugh and realize that as much as we try, there is no ‘perfect’ life! Thanks xx

  101. LOVE the “each family member basket” concept and just the over-all beauty of your transformed room! Thank you for sharing…we are about to build and I will surely be referring to your site!

  102. Anonymous says:

    HI Everyone , Love, Love the coastal laundry room, I was so excited to purchase that exact color paint,but when I went to see it live and in person at Sherwin Williams the color does not at all look like whats on this blog. Its drab and a very unhappy color. So I grabbed the coastal cool colors on one of there brochures in the store and will pick a color from that..
    Sea Salt SW6204 or Restful SW6458 looks much better! Thanks for the great ideas..

  103. I can’t say enough about this makeover! I’m head over heals about it from the color, to the decor to the sorting system. I’ve spend much of today wondering how to create a sorting system that would work for our family…the premade sorter isn’t cutting it. I also have been spent months, almost a year, trying to decide on the decor and color that I want for my laundry room. After seeing yours, I’m sold! That is all the inspiration I need to get the ball rolling.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  104. I could easily live in this room and never come out! Love everything about it….that beadboard ceiling is wonderful! I love it all….:-) Thanks for all the great ideas.


  105. Wow! It’s beautiful…my favorite is the last photo LOL It’s pretty even with the reality of family life :~)

  106. It’s the cutest laundry room I’ve ever seen!!! LOVE the color… Great job, Kim!

  107. You are giving me the renovation/updating bug again, a little difficult with a toddler though. My laundry room is dying for a DIY like this. Innovative, creative and unique, well done! I may have to emplor my husband to start pricing items for this new adventure. I apologize if you already answered this but roughly how much was it for your materials, accents and also what is your laundry room’s sq footage?

  108. WOW! I absolutely love everything about this room! Finally I’m inspired to makeover my ‘plain jane’ laundry room. Thanks for sharing, Kim

  109. Love it! Great job Kim!! We have rainwashed in our color palette too, such a good color. 🙂

  110. funny because my laundry room looks exactly the same right now too!!!….i.e…last picture!:) I noticed that we have the same washer and dryer and just a little side note, I had my husband change the opening of the dryer door to the other side, and it changed my life! Now I can switch wet to dry without the doors hitting each other:) stumbled upon your blog and enjoy it very much, from someone who lives in FLorida and who’s family is in the boating business I sure enjoys the coastal life as well!
    Sincerely ~Kacey

  111. (My 2 oldest started doing laundry at 8&10, when my youngest was born.) This space is amazing! Thank you for sharing.

  112. This is what I thought when I read this: “Ahhhhhh….” That’s not my normal reaction to laundry rooms. Awesome job! Inspiring…I’m headed over to see if I dare attempt that mahvelous ceiling!

  113. This is what I thought when I read this: “Ahhhhhh….” That’s not my normal reaction to laundry rooms. Awesome job! Inspiring…I’m headed over to see if I dare attempt that mahvelous ceiling!

  114. I love your laundry room, even the full of clothes messy version in hat last picture. I wish we had that kind of space in our home. We have a “Laundry room” but it’s more like a hallway with a cut out space that barely fits our washer and dryer. So my sorting station is actually in our living room. We have three baskets on the bottom of a custom book shelf. I will be bookmarking your blog to take inspiration for my next (hopeful) laundry “room”.

    Fantastic job!

  115. Kim, your laundry room looks amazing! I hope to get to ours one day, and I’d be thrilled if it looked half as great as yours does. The Rainwashed paint color was the perfect choice. I’d love to add this to my paint color galleries. You wouldn’t have to do a thing, just let me know if you’re interested!

  116. Lassiegirl says:

    Beautiful and the color was one that I’ve been looking at recently. What caught my eye is the starfish adhered to the wall. HOW did you do that? I’ve been trying to figure out how to do that! I have two baskets of white starfish waiting to decorate 2 bathrooms and now, I’m going to add that to my laundry room. Love this laundry room!

  117. Lassiegirl says:

    Thanks for getting right back to me and letting me know this trick! I wasn’t sure if hot glue would adhere to the starfish. I was actually looking at how to frame mirrors (love your mirror ideas, too!) and ran across your laundry room makeover. Now I have work to do. Thanks again, Scharese from Broken Arrow, OK 🙂

  118. The staged shot looks lovely, and the color is very nice. However, if you are still finding that it’s not staying that way, perhaps some more organizing could be put into place. I’d recommend moving that one picture that takes up the blank wall, and move those two shelves with the white baskets higher. That way you still have sorting, but you have room underneath the shelves for dirty laundry bins (1 white, 1 dark, 1 linens & towels). You may even want to consider a third shelf for storing stockpiled laundry-related purchases, covered by a curtain of color-coordinated material hanging from the shelf above.

  119. I love, love, LOVE this. Super pretty! Thanks so much for posting your ideas and before/after pictures.

  120. Where did you get the shelving for the sorting area in the laundry room its amazing. you can email me at

  121. Hey Kim!

    I just finished my laundry room makeover, and am so happy with it! I tried to copy yours as best I could, and just love, love, love it! Congrats on getting your makeover published in the October issue of FIRST! So cool! I noticed that in this article you stated you used a Benjamin Moore paint called Turquoise Haze, but in your blog you called it Rainwater by Sherwin Williams. When I went to the Sherwin Williams’ store to pick some Rainwater up, I felt it didn’t look at all like the wall color in your blog, so I just picked out Tidewater by Sherwin Williams, which looked similar to me. I now am guessing that the color was actually the BM color that the FIRST article quoted. In any event, I will stay with the one that I picked out as I love it just as much as yours! Thank you for all your great, creative ideas, and for inspiring me to get creative myself!

    • Hi Linda,
      Thanks so much for the nice comment. Magazines are interesting… it’s not all reality. I’m misquoted quite a bit, (never be sarcastic with a reporter, but oh well. 😉

      I did not use Benjamin Moore Turquoise Haze but Rainwashed by SW. The editors knew exactly what I used for paint. Those “secret source” finds in the magazine are actually how they fill in sponsor ads. Obviously Benjamin Moore sponsored that page along with Sterilite containers. The pics they used are mine, but the magazine told me that they would be saturating the wall color so it would be more vibrant in print. You are correct, it does not look like what you see on the blog.

      So the lesson is always take what you see in magazines with a grain of salt. 😉 It was a fun experience overall and I’m thankful to be featured.

  122. lol, love the “keepin it real pic” – awesome!

  123. Love love love the laundry room and feel for ya with all that laundry lol


  124. That looks fantastic! I’m looking for a way to fix up my laundry area, but it’s in the basement. Thanks for the realistic view of your laundry room, because we all know it won’t stay ‘brand new’ for long!

  125. It’s beautiful! I would love to have a window in my laundry dungeon – but I have a window made into a mirror instead which I think I’ll paint white to brighten it up a bit!

  126. Ah wow, i’m in love! Those colours are so fresh and inviting! I am inspired, thank you! 🙂

  127. wow I love the color and the way you did this. Great Job!!

  128. Love the Laundry room ideas but have seen the laundry sorting station online somewhere else, you have inspired me to do that laundry sorting station to my laundry room though, I have such a small laundry room and not much space to put anything those floating shelves are a neat idea as well, thanks for the inspiration on that idea too.

  129. Hi Kim – i love your laundry room! so beautiful! may i ask about the paisley fabric? i’m looking for something like that for pillows in my family room! best wishes for a happy holiday

  130. Anne-Jorunn says:

    Hi Kim. Just recently found your FB-page and blog, and I want to thank you for all the inspiration and clever how-tos. Must congratulate you on this laundry room makeover, I will surely be looking to this one when I start planning my own.

  131. LOVE! Just pinned…

  132. I think if I did laundry in this room, I would actually enjoy it! The color is gorgeous and restful, and I love all of the special touches. No wonder this was #1!

  133. Anonymous says:

    I want to thank you for showing your laundry room the way it looks day to day and not just the photo of it being spotless! It makes this mom feel better that she is not the only one in the world with laundry sitting around everywhere. The new laundry room looks fantastic!

  134. Anonymous says:

    I rarely comment on blogs and love to look at all the makeovers people do, but this just deserves a special commendation. You have quite an eye for style and color! Just gorgeous!

  135. Anonymous says:

    Kim, I have just enough space in my laundry room to do the exact same thing you need with the 6 baskets and shelving. Your top board looks like it has a counter top edge on it. Can you tell me what you used for the shelving and how you mounted it on the wall. Thanks, Valorie

  136. Love the combination of beauty and function- you hit the nail on the head with this one!

  137. I have been looking and looking….I give up….what color did you paint your bead board ceiling? Help? 🙂

  138. Really pretty! I just found your blog today. My laundry room is on my project list. It’s pretty large and there are so many possibilities! I’m excited. I’m just like you and have all my detergents hidden away in huge pretty baskets and smaller bottles and put the dryer sheets in a basket like yours. My hubby thinks I’m a little crazy 🙂

  139. Anonymous says:

    I am inlove with your photos! It really inspires me to work on my own laundry space. And I must say thanks for posting the “realistic” photo! I loved it!

  140. We’re in the process of selling our house, but your laundry makeover will be my go-to idea for our next abode. It’s fresh, clean and do-able. Heart!
    heather x

    • Kim Wilson says:

      Thank you so much Heather and thanks for stopping by the blog! Have a great weekend!

  141. Your laundry room is “model home” beautiful! However, I have to admit I love the last photo best. Thanks for your transparency. Perfection is so hard to live up to!!

  142. Kim, I’ve admired your laundry room for a long time (me and thousands of other people!). Now you’ve inspired me to finally get around to a mini-makeover of my own laundry room. I quote you in that post–that’s how much I appreciate your approach to this gorgeous room! 🙂

  143. Love everything about this space. I would enjoy doing laundry ….. I might have a cup of tea…. the colors are so soothing !!!!! My i ask where you got the light ?
    I pinned it !!!!

    • Thank you so much Bev! The light was ordered from Ballards. I think I got it on sale for about $129. I’m really happy with how it looks. Thanks for pinning too! Have a great week. ~ KIM

  144. Never mind about the light found a post. I will look for @ Ballard’s : )

  145. Dear Kim

    Brussels calling
    Loved your photo’s, in particular the “keeping it real”-one.


  146. I LOVE how you showed the picture of your everyday laundry room. It’s refreshing to see someone put it out there, and show everyone it’s not always perfect. 🙂

  147. Love the laundry room makeover, especially the paint color. I’m going to use that color too. “Keeping it Real” is awesome – and looks very familiar!

  148. Great job. I love the paint color.

  149. I love the color in here. Really brightens up the space and gives a cool feel to the room. Very fresh. You could use those laundry baskets to sort laundry, have the kids & hubby assigned each their own basket, and they are responsible for putting dirty laundry into their basket. Then while you wash, you use the baskets for lights, darks, jeans, etc. When done, clean laundry goes into each family member’s assigned basket and they have to put it away (according to their abilities). Maybe you’re already doing this, I’m just trying to “sort out” (pun intended) how I might use this system. Very pretty and practical! Love it!

  150. Kim — you have an amazing talent for transforming spaces into dream places — even a [yawn] laundry room! I am so inspired because I have a laundry room almost identical to yours (even the window placement!). I just ordered the beadboard laundry drying wall rack from Ballards, so I may be inspired to paint the dull (ivory) walls before it goes up. I do have a question about the Sherwin Williams “Rainwashed” paint color — you mentioned that you painted, then changed colors. Did you put on a primer before painting Rainwashed? I ask because your walls appear more mint than the color on the SW website. I realize that monitors can be deceiving, but if you painted over another color, the end results can be rather different. Love yout blog! And get very excited when I receive emails stating you’ve added a new post! Keep up the great work!

  151. Hi! I love your laundry room makeover! Thank you for the inspiration and for “keeping it real”.

  152. Jade Rivera says:

    This is so beautiful!!!!! Looks so fresh, airy and classy! Definitely using this as an inspiration for the day I finally own a home. I Love your posts!

  153. I love you laundry room! I did my powder room in the same hues, and sea theme.
    I wish I could do something with mine. I have exposed heating Ben, and exposed pipes on the wall where the washer and dryer sit. Just got new washer and dryer , love them so much after 20 years of used and handed down. But, I wish I would’ve gotten both front loaders, then I could put some kind of table top or counter above them.
    The room is beautiful!

  154. Laura Maynard says:

    I love your new laundry room. The seashell design is right up my alley. I also love the color. Can’t wait to get started doing something nice to my laundry area. I also love that you showed what it is “really’ like. No pressure to be perfect. LOL!

  155. Just found your blog and love your laundry room! The color is perfect.. everything is so refreshingly pretty..(even with the loads on the floor) thanks for keeping it real too!

  156. LOL! Thanks for keeping it real.

  157. I just found this post via Pinterest! Love your laundry room!! I can’t find where you said you’d update how you did the floating shelves, though. I’d love to know where/how you got them!

  158. Kim,
    I LOVE S&S!
    I LOVE this laundry room makeover!
    I am WAY too short, ahem, I mean vertically challenged, to reach shelves that high! :-/

    But, I still LOVE your laundry room! Thanks for letting me dream…

    • Haha! I understand Judy. I’m only 5’4″ and the lower shelves are easily reachable. The shelves could easily be placed lower too. I was just trying to plan for the future, if we get one of those newer upright washers. I can reach the top shelves too, but not as easily. That shelf is for items I don’t use too often. Thanks for loving the blog! I appreciate it! 😉

  159. Your laundry room story made me want to laugh and cry. I am redoing my sad laundry room for the first time since we moved in…10 years ago. It was still builder gray so I went with Spa by Sherwin Williams because it was bright and cheery. Now I am going hmmmm. the new washer and dryer arrive in 4 hours…do I have time to paint it again…I ask myself. LOL And thank you for explaining all the white baskets. I have seen them before and wanted them but didn’t know if they were for dirty or clean clothes. Now I know and I still want them. Love the hanging prints idea. We have a sea theme going in our house (we live off the bay) and I just bought these wonderful shell digital images off of etsy…now I have found another reason to use them. thank you thank you thank you!

  160. Perfect laundry! Can you tell me the size of the room? We’re planning to build our own home and a laundry is something I badly want.

  161. I know I am late, but what did you use in your “sorting station” for shelves? They look like they have a bullnose on them, so just curious what you had?

    • Hi Brett!
      A year earlier we had cut a laminate counter top from Lowe’s down to size and installed it, hence the bullnose you see. You can see a tiny corner of it in the “before” picture. We primed and painted it white and then installed a pine board of the same width for the shelf underneath. We rountered the edge of that lower shelf slightly too.

      Hope that helps answer your questions! Thanks for checking out the laundry room! 😉

  162. LOVE this makeover!! If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get the shelves for the sorting station? We are doing something similar and I really like the look of yours. Thanks so much!!

    • Hi Brooke,
      The year before we did the makeover we had cut a laminate counter top from Lowe’s down to size and installed it. You can see a tiny corner of it in the “before” picture. We primed and painted it white and then installed a pine board of the same width for the shelf underneath. We rountered the edge of that lower shelf slightly too.

  163. This laundry room makes me giddy! I wish I could figure out what to do with mine! It servies and the laundry room, water heater, furnace and a 3/4 bath room. concrete and stud walls and really low hanging heating duct work! Yuck!!!!

  164. Beautiful!

  165. Love it! Gives me inspiration for my little space. 🙂

  166. I love your laundry room! Just so happens my living room is almost that exact same wall color. It translates differently with leather furniture and paintings on the wall, but it is a very relaxing, beautiful color in either room. I’m hoping to buy a house in the next year or so, so I think I’ll wait till I get there to fix up whatever laundry room I get. Hoping it won’t be in the basement when the bedroom is two flights up the stairs! That’ll be the first big improvement. I love your beach theme. Takes you out of the laundry setting and puts you in a much happier place to dream in. I’m always inspired every time I see this room. Kudos, great job! Oh, also, I love your sorting/putting away system. Your kids won’t leave home not knowing how to do anything for themselves. And that’s what REALLY counts. We owe that to them, and to society.

  167. Hi! Absolutely love what you have done with your laundry room! Wondering if you could share any more details on your sorting station? Measurements, materials, etc.?

  168. mamathis says:

    You did such a great job! The best part of the article? The photo keeping it real…. I LOL’d 😀

  169. Well done! Is there room for taller sorting baskets on the wall we can’t see? It might keep it off of the floor.
    I am curious as to how much you spent on the transformation. Would you be willing to share?
    Thank you for the great ideas!

    • Thank you Katri! Oh yes, we could always install more shelving above if we want to. This laundry room was made over quite a few years ago but I think the total was appx. $400 (The pendant light took up the most money ($129) and I had to buy extra paint because I hated the first color I painted it in).

  170. I loved your laundry room make over. In fact, I was jealous…until you “kept it real”. lol. Great post, great laundry room, great humor.

    • Ha! Thank you Lianne. Our homes all have their 5 minutes of fame but then reality immediately plunges it’s way back in and says, “get over yourself girfriend!”. It’s a disaster 50% of the week. 😉

  171. Kim,

    Who wouldn’t love to do laundry now? Whoa! My laundry is in a dark and dreary basement. You almost make me want to do a makeover of that little corner of the basement. 🙂

    pinning, and sharing on fb.



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